Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol continues to trample on our Bones

As a couple of comments have posted...Bones is once again being pre-empted next week for American Idol (I paused about 30 seconds before typing those two words trying to think of an appropriate, but clean adjective, to describe my feelings for the monster that is AI and what keeps happening to Bones because of the show, but could think of nothing.

Fox schedule for next week

Good Q&A with Hart Hanson

I'm a little behind...I'm sorry!

Zap2It has a great little Q&A with Hart Hanson. There's some big spoiler talk in it about the season finale, but most of the article in spoiler-free.

Here are a few of the best non-spoiler parts:

Q: For such a bright woman, Brennan doesn't seem to be evolving much in her social skills. It is a source of comedy, but will she ever get significantly better?

A: What, you want to end the series? If you do, just say so.

Q: Will Angela's dad (played by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top) reappear?

A: Definitely.

Q: Are there other celebrities who'd like to be on the show,just waiting for the right script?

A: Yes, we've actually gotten to the point where people are asking to be on the show, who love the show and think it would be cool to come aboard. Perhaps because of Billy Gibbons, these include a number of rock stars. We will find ways to use the ones we like and dodge the ones we don't.

Q: How'd you manage to get the peripatetic Stephen Fry -- a prolific Twitterer and blogger -- to stand still long enough to do another "Bones"? What's he doing, and when should that air?

A: Stephen Fry loves doing "Bones." We found his availability months ago, within a four-day window, and confirmed with him that he'd be in the episode then. At that time, we had no idea what the story would be, but we knew it would be intermingled with a Sweets story. He did not disappoint.

He remains one of our favourite ([sic] Hart's from Canada.) recurring guest stars, and we (and he) hope to see more of him in the future. The episode he shot for us is called "Mayhem on the Cross" and should air in April. (HCTV: Perhaps April 2) All of England is on alert.

Q: Now that your dad has been on the show -- he played the cranky vending-machine man in last Thursday's episode, from whom Booth (Boreanaz also directed the episode) snatched a free snack -- are there any other Hansons out there that we might see soon?

A: No more Hansons. Dad was enough, thank you, and he's old and fairly easy to handle compared to the rest.

I love that they figured out when they could get Stephen Fry and then built the story around him! He's worth it :)

Organic Living with Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel is passionate about many things - from Veganism, to Animal Issues, to taking care of other women. The woman is a charity whirlwind!

She's also a big proponent of green living and the environment. has a Q&A with her about just that where she shares her passion, beliefs, and tips.

Q: Going green can get pricey. Have any favorite thrifty tips?
A: Buying used clothes is cheaper. And going to a farmers’ market is a lot cheaper than going to a pricier health-food market.
She also talks about her boyfriend, sister, and an interesting fascination with Ed Begley Jr.

Behind the Scenes: The Fire in the Ice

Fox has posted a couple of Behind the Scenes videos for "The Fire in the Ice." Thanks, Bonzgirl, for the headsup!

Video 1

Video 2

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