Thursday, March 19, 2009

Live Thoughts & Discussion: The Salt in the Wounds

Pregnancy brain...I totally forgot to make this post!

Discuss away on The Salt in the Wounds!

Ausiello spoiles.... a great tidbit (for some) inside a really, um, interesting one

Thanks, Bonzgirl for the heads up!

Ausiello has posted an article about Bones. And, well, I'm very interested to see what you all think about the big premise of it, and something more subtly stated near the end...

Check it out!

Ausiello spoils on the Bones Season Finale: Guest stars Galore!

If you'd like to know the multiple (yes, multiple) guest names involved in the Season 4 Bones finale then check out Ausiello's latest spoiler page. Don't worry - no plot is given away, just names!

Thanks, Shep, for the quick heads up!

Happy Bonesday!

Tonight we see "The Salt in the Wounds." You can check out the promo and stills for a little refresh (like you need it!).

In case you missed it, far from being the 2nd of 11 straight episodes, this is now the 2nd of 2 before American Idol (because of the President's speech, again, and Fox's redheaded stepchild mentality towards Bones) pre-empts the show once again next week.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

For a bit of Bonesday fan talk...Have you seen this article about 'shippers'? It's not quite new, but I thought today might make a good day to talk about it.

I want to leave it up to you guys to dissect, but here's a quote from the article to get you started:
The shipper-oriented vision of romance, in which it's all nothing-nothing-nothing-BOOM! KISSING! has a tendency to devalue actually being happy in favor of being constantly stimulated by drama.
What do you think about that quote, the article in general, shippers, attitude toward shippers (esp if you are one)?

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