Saturday, March 21, 2009

TVGuide 411 talks to Michaela Conlin

I would call this a no-spoiler interview, up through 3:30. Stop it there if you don't like spoilers (though there's nothing new for those who read them).

They interview, for the most part, takes Angela through this last episode and the interviewer and Michaela guess at what might happen in her future.

Why is DB not on this list already?

E! Online has a list of the top 10 sexiest vampires not in Twilight, with #10 blank. But they left David Boreanaz's Angel off the list!

Check it out here, and voice your opinions in the comments about the grievous oversight.

David Boreanaz on Rachel Ray

David Boreanaz will be on the Rachel Ray Show this Tuesday, the 24th.

Here's a previous appearance:

Part 1 (embedding disabled)

Part 2

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