Monday, March 23, 2009

New Poll: Spoilers

Here's a new poll, with questions and answers straight from BonzGirl.

This time of year, inevitably, is overwhelmed by spoilers. With the season finale less than 2 months away they do a great job teasing us to hype the excitement and build the tension.

People have a variety of interest in spoilers. You may only dip your toe in a little, you may watch all the interviews but nothing more, you may love Kristen and Ausiello, or you may go whole-hog and read every single bit of information available - every script page (casting side) or tidbit of gossip you can get your hands on.

The ultimate spoilers are those casting sides. They tell you exactly what is going to happen during the episode (though they can change and you only get glimpses of each scene they show) with the dialog, the case players (and sometimes the killer), and glimpses of interactions between our favorite characters thrown in.

That last part is why people read. Who really wants to spoil a case, right? But there's a lot of fun in seeing half a conversation between two characters that you know is probably one of 3 or 4 in the line during the episode (especially if it's Booth and Brennan talking) and speculating about motivations and content. Sometimes you can be right, sometimes you are waaaaaaay off, and sometimes those tricksie writers and actors change huge chunks before the show airs.

This post isn't to get people to read the sides. I stay almost completely away from them. But, it is interesting to find out how the rest of you view sides, and spoilers, in general.

The poll is for sides only, but it would be great to hear more about your spoiler views in general (about reading them ONLY - please do NOT put ANY actual spoilers into the comments here). Please drop a line in the comments here!

Do you read casting sides?

1. Never! They take away the excitement of the episode.
2. Rarely, because it's so easy to take them out of context.
3. Usually not, though as we get closer to the finale I might begin.
4. Sometimes, especially when there haven't been any good spoilers recently.
5. Usually. I'll need a good reason NOT to read 'em.
6. Are you kidding? I've already committed all of them to memory!
7. Sides? What's that?
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Like him more
333 (46%)
Like him less
68 (9%)
Like him the same
292 (40%)
I hate them all
13 (1%)
12 (1%)

Total votes: 718

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