Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TV Guide's Sexiest: The Video

TVGuide has posted a video going through their sexy stars. Skim through it all - David Boreanaz appears in more than one place!

I don't think I posed the teaser version of this before. Check it out for a quick shot of DB holding his towel...but you have to watch closely as it is quick and only shows chest to knees, or so.

The full video has now been totally removed, bah.

Edit: Leaving the link for now, though the video is coming up Private. Will keep looking...

Alpha Males: DB is ouuuuuuut of there

Kristin has put out the latest round of her Alpha Male Madness and it looks like the flip flop between David Boreanaz and Jeffrey Donovan did not work out in DB's favor.

TVGuide's Sexiest: Behind the Scenes

Here's a great photo of David Boreanaz behind the scenes of the TV Guide photoshoot for the upcoming "Sexiest" spread. Check out a full set of star photos from the magazine shoot here.

Thanks, Shep, for the tip!

David Borenaz on Rachel Ray: Clip

Here's a great clip of David Boreanaz on Rachel Ray today. It's not the entire interview, but it's priceless and spoiler free! (Watch him dance...)

Thanks, Mary, for the heads up!

Continuing Schedule Talk

As we all know, between Obama and Fox, there is no Bones this week, which begs the question "When do we get that missing hour?"

Korbi from Zap2It, admittedly not my favorite person, jumped right on it. First, she hyped up the fans (huge spoiler warning on that link for some) with speculation that it would be the finale (would be an absolutely moronic move on Fox's part). Then, she posted fan's comments as an open letter to Fox. And now, she says she has insider knowledge of exactly which episode will definitely be pushed to the fall: "The Beaver in the Otter." (And I think she's hoping to claim credit as well...mmmhmmm.)

As we've seen with the schedule, the only way we truly know what will air when is what starts at 8 pm on any night of the week (and once in awhile, 9 pm!). I'll keep reporting what I hear but, after getting a full season schedule just last week, it's already changed again!

With her numbering, that would be the next episode to come up in sides releases. If she's right, I can only hope that means it will be written to fit into next season, character-wise, and not stand out like a painfully sore thumb with inconsistencies and mistakes.

That said: losing an hour of Bones when we were to have so many...sucks.

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