Wednesday, March 25, 2009

David Boreanaz on Rachel Ray - Full Video

Here is the full video of David Boreanaz on Rachel Ray. For the spoiler phobes, skip from 2:00 to 2:20 and you are gravy for the rest of the interview (cute Jaden story in the interview, by the way).

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Matt Roush on the Bones pre-emption(s)

A fan asks Matt Roush his opinion on Fox's treatment of Bones:

Question: So what's the deal with Fox’s continued poor treatment of Bones? Yet another pre-emption this Thursday, I hear, after advertising 11 new episodes in a row. This might be excusable (Fox didn't ask for a presidential press conference this week, I know) if there was a valid reason for it. So far, all Fox has told us fans is that American Idol must move to Wednesday and Thursday, and Hell's Kitchen cannot be bumped either due to the nature of the show. Okay, great. However, Fox has not yet answered our repeated question as to why House is showing two reruns next week. Maybe you can find some answers for us, please? The fact is Fox has taken us fans for granted too many times this season alone and I, for one, am getting too tired of this game. I have no DVR so I must actually arrange my evenings to watch TV. If the Fox executives refuse to provide the service they advertise (i.e. actually airing a television show), they can at least provide their expectant viewers a full explanation.—Kelly

Matt Roush: With all due respect (and for the record, I got a mini-flood of angry questions about this late last week), what’s the mystery here? We at TV Guide Magazine like Bones, too; we just put the show’s stars on our cover (I hope the fans all went out and bought one). And I understand the frustration of Bones fans over the show’s frequent time slot changes (this year exacerbated by Fringe taking up residence on Tuesdays). But this week’s situation is pretty clear-cut. All the networks had to adjust for the president’s Tuesday night prime-time appearance. Fox was hit especially hard, as Tuesday is the showcase night for its biggest hit, American Idol—and if you think Fox is worrying about anything else these days, you’re being naive. Besides, something tells me if Fox had decided to move this week’s scheduled Bones episode to Monday or Tuesday at the last minute, fans would still find a way to feel slighted. Monday’s House repeat was already on the schedule, and filling the Tuesday hole with another House repeat is simply a case of the network making the best of a bad situation (House being a draw regardless of circumstance). Bones has the good and bad fortune of being something of a utility player for the network. Being less serialized than a reality show like Hell’s Kitchen, it (like fellow procedural Lie to Me) can fall on or off the schedule more easily, with less collateral damage, and yes, that does make it feel like it’s being taken for granted. (Fox has also explained that pre-empting Hell’s Kitchen this week would likely have meant doubling up another week, meaning another Bones pre-emption down the line.) This is not a conspiracy against Bones or Bones fans. It’s just the way it goes when TV’s most powerful show is thrown off its course. Something’s gotta give, and this week Bones paid the price. And airing a new episode out of pattern this week would likely have done more harm than good. Plus, as we’ve said many times before, at least the network isn’t still threatening to move the show to Fridays.

More Bones Scripts ordered: Next Season Begins

Last year, there was no hint of Bones Season 4 until the upfronts in May when they announced a full season pick-up. But, some of Season 4 was filmed with Season 3 thanks to the strike and timing.

This time, Fox has ordered 6 episodes early, but not yet announced the full Bones Season 5. Maybe they like that film-some-early plan (they get to pay people on Season 4 contracts if they go ahead and film them before summer break)? Who knows when they will truly go into production, though. But it definitely is a good nod toward seeing a lot more of Bones again next fall!

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