Thursday, April 2, 2009

Live Thoughts & Discussion: The Doctor in the Den

I remembered this week! Post your Live Thoughts & Episode discussion here for "The Doctor in the Den."

If you have already seen the episode please do not spoil it for those who post and read comments as they watch!

Press Release confirming all 26 episodes

The Futon Critic has the official press release confirming what I told you about this morning: all 26 Season 4 episodes will air this season.

LOS ANGELES ( -- After being greeted on Thursday nights with six pre-emptions in 11 weeks, FOX hopes to make it up to "Bones" fans with special Monday and Wednesday broadcasts later this month.

Said first-run episodes - airing Wednesday, April 15 at 8:00/7:00c and Monday, April 20 at 8:00/7:00c - are in addition to the seven left to air in its regular Thursday, 8:00/7:00c home, beginning tonight.

The news means that, barring any other changes, all 26 episodes filmed for its fourth season will air.

"24" is the only other drama on television to produce as many hours this season (24 for season seven plus the two-hour "Redemption" prequel).

Not surprising to see the caveat "barring any other changes" in there. Grumble.

More Fox April Fool's Pranking

Fox didn't stop with cast pranks. They changed a prominent American Idol billboard to include a certain "Girl's Just Want to Have Fun" Cindi Lauper fan.

Thanks, Brittany, for the heads up!

The "Season Finale Side" explained

The Season Finale side from yesterday is a well-played prank from 206_Bones, created by Tracie. You can read the explanation here. She did a great job, didn't she?

Ausiello dishes: Season 5 Recurring Character?

Anyone ever see the movie Vibes? Cindi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum are psychics who trek to South America to find a lost city. (I find it a bad 80s movie that is so bad it's good, know what I mean?)


According to Ausiello, there may be a connection between it and Bones. This is technically a casting spoiler for next Season , but I don't think anyone would hate themselves for reading it.

What do you think of the idea he talks about? (Or the one he rejects)

Happy Bonesday!

Bones is back (again)!

Tonight we get "The Doctor in the Den":

Promo - Stills 1 - Stills 2 - Description - Spoilers

And, good news - according to the Fox Exec who posts on the Boneyard forums:

There is now an original episode scheduled on Monday, April 20 at 8pm. This means 2 weeks in a row where there are 2 episodes. Wednesday April 15 and Thursday April 16, and now the following week on Monday, April 20 and THursday, April 23.

This way we get all the episodes in before the end of the season. Like everything in television things are planned and things sometimes change but I hope this won't, I'm going to feel really, really bad!

The schedule should now look (something) like this. The episode names on particular nights may or may not be correct.
Thurs - 4/02 - "The Doctor in the Den"
Thurs - 4/09 - "The Science in the Physicist"
Wedn - 4/15 - "The Cinderella in the Cardboard"
Thurs - 4/16 - "Mayhem on the Cross"
Mond - 4/20 - "Double Death of the Dearly Departed"
Thurs - 4/23 - "The Girl in the Mask"
Thurs - 4/30 - "The Beaver in the Otter"
Thurs - 5/07 - "The Critic in the Cabernet"
Thurs - 5/14 - (Finale)

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