Friday, April 3, 2009

Bones Break: The Doctor in the Den

Here is the Bones blooper reel shown during "The Doctor in the Den" (though the chosen bloopers seem to have nothing to do with this episode!)

Thanks, Lily, for the heads up.

TVGuide chats with Tamara Taylor

With her comment about '11 weeks' in a row, this interview has to be a couple of weeks old, but it was just posted on TVGuide yesterday and deals heavily with her Cam-centric episode of last night. This Thursday we get a Cam-centric story. Now let's look at the first half of the episode's teaser: "The half-eaten body of Cam's former fiancé...." Listen, I know you've been desperately rallying for a love interest....
Taylor: That's not quite how I expected it to turn out, no.
Unfortunately, for those of you who don't like spoilers, it jumps into them quickly after just a few questions. Sorry!

Bones Ratings: The Doctor in the Den

Last night's episode of Bones, "The Doctor in the Den," was up against both Survivor and the last night of ER, and the numbers dipped a bit.


Full details:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Share 18-34 Rating/Share Viewers (Millons)
8:00 NBC ER (Retrospective) 3.5/10 2.4/8 10.56

CBS Survivor: Tocantins 3.6/11 2.1/7 11.21

FOX Bones 2.6/8 2.2/7 8.98

UNI Cuidado con el Ángel 1.8/5 1.9/6 4.62

CW Smallville 1.6/5 1.7/6 3.80

ABC In the Motherhood 1.6/5 1.5/5 5.00

Promo: The Science in the Physicist

Thanks to Suzanne for providing the promo for "The Science in the Physicist."

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