Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Teaser Spoiler Clip: The Science in the Physicist

Here's a second spoiler clip for "The Science in the Physicist." If you got hung up on a particular scene in the promo, this clip is for you. Unfortunately, at 15 seconds long, it just teases you more and doesn't show what you most want to see. Enjoy!

Spoiler Clip: The Science in the Physicist has posted at least one spoiler clip for "The Science in the Physicist." It's not embeddable, but you can check it out here.

Character-wise: plot spoiler, but no real character spoilers about anything we don't already know
Case-wise: so-so...they talk about scenarios but it ends on a distinctly factitious note so I'm not sure what, if anything beyond the basic evidence discussed, is actually true

Extreme Spoiler Chat: The End in the Beginning

Here is place to concentrate all the heavy spoiler talk (ie the major stuff from the sides, that most fans do NOT read) for The End in the Beginning. Feel free to post links in the comments, but I will keep the post free of them.

The point of this post is to keep the really heavy spoilers away from those who don't want to read them, not increase the spoiler focus here. Have fun!

Entire List of "Extreme Spoiler Chat" Posts

Bones in May

Fox has released some promotional descriptions for May episodes of all their shows. There are heavy spoilers, so I won't copy them here, but you can check them all out here (scroll down).

Emily Deschanel on Jimmy Fallon

We've been waiting for an Emily Deschanel interview to come up, and here it is! Emily will appear on Jimmy Fallon on 4/24.

Think it will be a good interview? I hope so!

Booth and Bones / Booth and Max

Thanks to Mickey for bringing this great blog post to my attention.

Kate tackles not only Booth and Bones but Booth and Max in this great take on the show. I think it speaks well for itself and encourage anyone who loves to dissect the show to give it a read as she addresses both the Bones and Booth relationship but also the relationship and similarities in Booth and Max.

I-Bones video contest

I-Bones, an Italian Bones site, is launching a Bones video contest. Ready to get your fan on? :)

# obviously, the videos have to be related to the Bones’ fandom
# videos can be made with clip from the 1st and the 2nd season
# it is allowed to use clip from 3rd and 4th seasons, as long as the images don’t spoiler important events of those seasons (in Italy the public television is stuck at the end of the 2nd season and the season 3 has been broadcasted only on the cable). If you have doubts about this, you can always ask us prior to submit the video.
# you can use only songs from the Bones’ soundtrack (you can find the entire list at, plus:
- "Diary of Jane"
- "Other way round"
- "Drama Queen"
# you are NOT allowed to upload your video on YouTube or other streaming websites (included Facebook and other social network) until May, 8th. After your subscription, i-Bones will publish the videos equally for all participants.
# to subscribe your video you have to send an e-mail to specifying:
+ author (name, nick, e-mail, web site/blog if you have one, nationality)
+ song’s title & artist
+ video’s length
+ spoiler
+ (eventual) pairing(s)
+ video’s description and/or note
+ and, if possible, enclosing the video or the link to download it
# you will receive an e-mail to confirm the submission
# the deadline for the submissions is the 17th of April at 11.59 p.m.
# the same author can subscribe more than one video, but we would like to have more participants, even if they are not member of this community.
# the videos will be on-line from the 20th of April to the 7th May, and during that period the users will be able to vote their favorite.
# Winners will be announced (and their videos shown) at the Bones Reunion at the TF Festival on May (9th or 10th) and subsequently published on
Any questions need to be asked at I-Bones, I'm just giving them some extra publicity for their contest.

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