Thursday, April 9, 2009

Live Thoughts & Discussion: The Science in the Physicist

Talk away about "The Science in the Physicist!"

Please, PLEASE, do not put spoilers for other season 4 episodes in this discussion. Many, MANY of the blog readers here avoid spoilers entirely. I'm sure there will be plenty in this episode alone to discuss for everyone's enjoyment :) Check out the Spoiler posts if you want to dish about how this episode is related to/foreshadowing/setting up anything in particular.

The (Real) Science in the Physicist

You may not want to read this before tonight's episode (I'm actually not going to read it myself yet), but Discover Magazine has a bit of info about the real science involved in tonight's Bones episode.

Episode Stills: The Beaver in the Otter

Episode pictures for "The Beaver in the Otter," airing Thursday April 30th.

Episode Stills: The Double Death of the Dearly Departed

Here are the episode stills for "The Double Death of the Dearly Departed," airing Monday, April 20th.

Happy Bonesday!

Tonight we get "The Science in the Physicist"

Promo - Stills - Spoiler Chat - Cam/Booth clip - Teaser clip - How Stupid Clip

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Slightly off-course Bones discussion I am curious about. A few weeks ago, Castle premiered and there has been a lot of talk, at least amongst Bones fans, about this show. The opinions are mixed Some feel that Castle is identical to Bones and laugh about it. Some feel that it's a betrayal of your Bones love to watch Castle . Some just haven't seen it. Some watch it and love it, Bones while on either side of the fence when it comes to the Bones similarities, or not.

I am just curious to know where you guys fall on that. I have had some discussions with other fans about it as a defender of Castle as it's own show, and one I enjoy. What do you think?

How Stupid Clip: The Science in the Physicist

Here is a clip of Booth and Brennan having the "How stupid you are..." discussion.

Ausiello spoils: Booth

Only for the spoiler-fanatics...

What do you make of Ausiello's answer to the Bones question at the end of his latest spoiler roundup?

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