Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hart Hanson Tweets: Episode Titles for Season 5

There may not be an 'official' pickup yet, but the team is working hard on Bones Season 5.

TVGuide on the Finale

The latest issue of TVGuide magazine has a large spread on season finales. You can see the entire layout here, but I'm posting the Bones scans as well! They are mixing shows across pages, fyi.

(Definite spoilers)

I had to add the pictures to the stills album for "The End in the Beginning." The first one gives away spoilers even before you look at the HQ.

NYPost: on the Finale

NYPost has an article about Bones and the Season 4 Finale. Lots o'spoilers, be ware.

David Boreanaz on Chelsea Lately

David Boreanaz will appear on Chelsea Lately, on the E! network, on Wednesday May 6th. I've never seen her show, but the promos for it look interesting. She seems pretty frank, funny, and like she will ask anything - especially the uncomfortable questions.

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