Saturday, May 2, 2009

David Boreanaz in People Magazine

People Magazine has a short '5 question' spread with David Boreanaz.

Of course, #1 is an immediate spoiler (as well as the caption at the bottom). But 2-5 are not, and are cute.

#3 You're expecting baby No. 2 with your wife, Jaime. Is it different this time around?

When we had our first [son Jaden Rayne, 7], it was much different. Now, we're calmer. You don't go out and purchase everything in the world.
Edit: I have to include the scan as a link. The spoilers are legible even in the preview! Argh.

PS: This is a really old picture!

PPS: Happy belated birthday to Jaden, the mini-David who turned 7 yesterday, May 1st!

PPPS: Thanks, Michelle for the scan!

My Fox NY: Emily Deschanel

My Fox NY has a cute interview with Emily Deschanel. It's heavy on spoilers, be warned. She does talk in general about the show as well as the spoilers for the end of the season.

Beef: The interviewer calls it "Moonlighting for the new millennia" Bah. That's so old!

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