Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3rd promo: The Critic in the Cabernet

Definitely spoilers for this week's Bones, "The Critic in the Cabernet."

Thanks, Su!

Ausiello on the Bones finale spoiler

This Ausiellofiles video (embed code doesn't seem to be working) talks about Bones and a 'twist' on the Season finale spoiler. He only gives it a brief 20 seconds around 1:25.

Did he say anything new? Or is he just tossing out more tease that could mean, well, just about anything?

Hart Hanson on "The pickup"

Hart Hanson tweets about why the lack of an official pickup is just a formality, not anything to worry about:

Random Bones Reference

I love crazy British news articles, it's almost an addiction to read The Daily Mail every day (though the healthcare stores scare the poo out of me!). The site has a lot of fun articles and I came across this one yesterday. Second image down made me immediately think of Bones:

The entire article is worth a look, though - it's full of X-ray images of everyday objects.

Perotta is Pregnant!

Oh wait, I'm not a gossip blogger...

The actress who PLAYS Perotta, Marissa Coughlan, is very pregnant, and out in support of Pregnancy Awareness.

Thanks, Mickey, for the link!

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