Thursday, May 28, 2009

TVGuide talks to Hart Hanson about the S4 finale and beyond

I won't post the image here, just a link, in case you don't want to read even the barest speculation about what will or won't happen next year (though I think this is pretty safe), but TVGuide has an article out now where Hart Hanson talks about fan reaction to the finale, what exactly happened in the finale, and what will (or won't) happen next year.

Thanks Shep (and others!) for pointing this out.

David Boreanaz "Must List"

EW cornered David Boreanaz and asked him about his "Must List" shows. Skip to 3:10 to go right to his clip.

Thanks, Theresa!

Ausiello Spoils: On Rumors

Check out the very last question on the latest Ausiello files for some Bones attention. I wouldn't call it scoop, more like suggestion, speculation and innunedo but could still be classified as spoiler-talk, nonetheless.

What do you think about the topic?

Thanks, Shep!

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