Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guest Reviewers - Calling on You!

I am taking Noah out all day today to visit various family members. (Eek!) So, I can't implement the suggestions yet or update today but I would like to get started on one of them: Guest Reviews!

I would like us to go classic and start with Bones Season 1. I've done a few reviews for the first episodes of that season, but I would like to open it up for any of you to email me a review for any of the Season 1 episodes. I'd like to get at least 1 for every episode, and then start posting them every couple of days. I'll wait a few days for people to start sending some in (or at least commitments to certain episodes) and then post again on which ones are empty. Please email me at obsessedwithbones@gmail.com with actual reviews. Commitments can be emailed or posted here in comments.

Posted reviews will, of course, be credited to you. Along with that I will happily link to your own website or blog, provided it is not x-rated, etc. (It does not have to be Bones-related at all but linking is at my discretion. I will be pretty open but I will say upfront that I will go look at the sites before I link to them.)

In between the episode talks we'll do some of the other ideas. Please check out this post if you have no idea what I'm talking about and then give me some more! :)

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