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Hey, you, Bones fan! Where are you from?

Time for a meet-n-greet type post (first of many, so don't share your entire life and Bones-related story just yet!) to pass the summer -

Where are you from?
Additional question: Which country and/or continent do you think would lead in Bones fan love? The natural inclination is to just assume USA/North America, but what do you think?

I'll edit this post with all the answers and see how different regions stack up.

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North America
USA - Wendy (East Tennessee)
Mickey, West Tennessee, USA
Laura, Seattle, Washington, USA
Louise; Chicago, USA
Katrina; Pullman, Washington
Alanna - Omaha, NE
Tiana; Florida
Deepa; Arizona, USA
Michelle, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Carrie; NY NY USA
Leanne, Massachusetts, USA
Stephanie - USA
Kim, San Diego, California, USA
kjean; Ithaca, NY
Mary; Maine
Denisse; nuevo leon, mexico
Rebecca; Colorado, USA
Lisa; Halifax, N.S. Canada
Adriana, from Mexico
MC; East Tennessee
Kili Climbers; Los Angeles, CA
Cheryl and I am from a town called Chelmsford in Ma
singinglupines; USA, Southern Ohio
Noelle; Northeastern Ohio, USA
Dianna; I live outside DC in MD, USA
Turtle; Greenville SC USA
Brenda, Brunswick Georgia
Poetic_line; North Carolina, USA
Jess; Indiana, USA
Fay; Boston, Massachusetts, USA
N2seeleybooth; Indiana, texas, north carolina Air force globe trotter
Don't Call Me Bones!; Philadelphia, PA in USA
Anonymous; Toronto, CANADA!
Caitlin from just outside Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Lauren: Boston, MA
Lindsay; Northwestern Florida
Vanessa-Mora; Mexico City, Mexico
Anonymous; Monon, Indiana
Liz; Portland, Oregon
Erin; San Diego, CA
Melinda; Riverside,CA
Robyn: Richmond, Virginia
Megan; Davis (near Sacramento) California, USA
Theresa; Overland Park, Kansas, USA
Lawrence; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada\
Lerena; Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
Caydee; Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Steph P; Chicago, Illinois, USA
Caitlin---Canton (The Detroit Area), Michigan, United States
Westernsky; San Antonio, Texas
Catherine; Long Island, NY
Mary- Medford MA
pranksterjo; Jamaica
Anonymous; Minnesota
tybonium; Tylina Texas, USA
Anonymous; north-east Florida
Melissa from Boston
TalkFast; Atlanta, Georgia
Alicia; Dublin, Ohio
Veronica, Decatur, Illinois
Brittany: Lancaster, PA, USA
Mary Princeton NJ
gilliAHHn; Portland Oregon
Mysti; Rochester Mills, PA
Danielle; Washington, DC
Julia; London, Ontario, Canada
Kristen; Lawrence, KS
Diana; MEXICO CITY, Mexico
Delyme; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Leila; Montreal, Qc,Canada
Emma; Washington, DC
Ali, San Diego, CA
Amanda; Totowa, New Jersey
Phil; Houston, TX
Teri Sioux Falls SD
Burnsy, Sudbury, Ontario Canada
Lisa, Buckeye- Arizona, USA
Nini...Miami, Florida, USA
Jen from Ft Lauderdale, FL/Chicago, IL
Christina; Texas, US
Sarah Southern Califonia
Jane, Middle Tennessee
Nina, NYC, NY
ForensicMama (Sarah), Seattle, WA, USA
Cindy, Eugene, Oregon, USA
Ana P, La Romana, Dominican Republic
Priscila, VA, USA
Chelsea from Niagara, Ontario, Canada
Jessica; Baltimore, Maryland
Winona - washington, DC
Mary; Atlanta, GA, USA

Yvanne; Dublin, Ireland
Deborah; Andalusia, Spain
Morgane; Paris, France
Emberlynne (abbreviated to Ellynne); Budel, Holland
Lara; Lisbon, Portugal
Zuzana; Prague, Czech Republic
onebreath; Scotland, UK
Angela: Italy, north-east, little town in the Dolomites mountains
Lily - Tychy, Poland
Sara; Turku, Finland
Sara. I'm from Canary Islands, in Spain
Vanessa, Sweden
Sandy; Madrid, Spain
Karolina; Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland
Laura, Törökszentmiklós, Hungary
Emma; Grantham, UK
Claire, U.K. & Greece
Jessica, one foot in Finland one in Sweden (Island inbetween)
Marie; Gothenburg, Sweden, Europe
Michaela; Trnava, Slovakia
Yssel; Milan, Italy
Ann, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Lore; Torhout, Belgium
Anne; Altentreptow, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Germany
Lizou; Paris, France
Doty (abbreviated for Dorothy) Beziers, South of france
Aleksandra, Wrocław, Poland
Lynn; Brussels, Belgium
Sarah: Vilvoorde, Belgium
Maria; Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Rachel, from Madrid, Spain
Lena; Louth, Ireland
Anita from Barcelona,Catalonia, SPAIN
Emilie : East France
depi; Greece
Valleria; Czech Republic, Europe
Ciara: Cork, Ireland
Regina, from San Sebastian, Basque Country, SPAIN
cd3010; Vienna, Austria
Petit Chat; Alsace (Elsass in Alsatian), France
Elisa; Mikkeli, Finland
Bobob; Eindhoven - The Netherlands
Maria from Sweden
Choy; Tring, Hertfordshire, ENGLAND
Shefali: London, UK
Emily; England, UK
Ali; Alicante, Spain
Krys, Fréjus, French Riviera
Jeanne; Paris, France
Aleksandra;Lopare, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Sammy; England, UK
Monisse; Lisbon, Portugal
Jenni, UK
Agata; Sosnowiec, Poland
Jenny; Thessaloniki, Greece
cordy; Germany
KaNia- Pionki- Poland
Jennifer; Frankfurt, Germany
Beograd, Serbia, Europe
Irishka - Moscow from Russia
ktulhueatingmind; Moscow, Russia
Vanessa, Portugal
Lucy; London, England
Maria; Athens, Greece
Just; Łódź, Poland
depi; kavala, Greece
Barbara; Lisbon - Portugal
Laura; Canary Island , Spain
Vanessa; La Coruña, Galicia, Spain
Hampshire, England. Merlo
Pia, Bielefeld, Ostwestfalen, GERMANY
Anaïs, Eysines (near of Bordeaux, Aquitaine), FRANCE
Bernie..Dublin Ireland
Yvonne, Norway
aimee, Liverpool, England
Becca, Hampshire, UK
Lynne; from Scotland
Groovycathers - Just north of London, England
Chloe, Chatham, UK
Magdalena; Wroclaw; Poland
Anna;Kraslice,Czech republic
Linda - Drammen, Norway
Croatian girl, croatia, europe

South America
Amanda, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Brennan Booth Fan; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jean; Chile
Claudia; Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Consuelo, from Chile, South America
Marina (Maru!) and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina =)
gsquinterob; Bucaramanga, Colombia
Silvana; Asunción, Paraguay (South America)
Anais, Punto Fijo - Venezuela
Sofi; Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mariana; São Paulo, Brazil, South America
Thaysa; Recife, Brazil
Grissom's Girl, Brazil
Marcela; medellin, colombia
Mariano aka XiaolinDashi, from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lucia from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Santa Fe, Argentina

Karyn: NSW Australia
Macy; Wellington, New Zealand
Victoria; Brisbane, Australia
boldaslove; Sydney, Australia
Carla; QLD Australia
olivia , South Australia, AUSTRALIA
Mel- Central Coast, NSW, Australia
Kamara - Sunshine Coast - AUSTRALIA
Lillian : Sydney Australia
Anonymous; Christchurch, New Zealand
Anonymous; Levin, NEW ZEALAND
Krissie; Sydney, Australia
Lauren; Dunedin, New Zealand
Moshe; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Jessica Anne NEW ZEALAND
Nicole; Brisbane, Australia
Jess(ica), Sunshine Coast, Australia
Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand
Adelaide South Australia
Leanne, Australia
Jess, Australia

Pam from the PHILIPPINES. :D
Eli - Asia - Malaysia
Yoshimi; Kyoto, Japan
Triveni; Mumbai, India
Tanya; Russia
Ling Suan; Singapore
kath; philippines
Thu; Vietnam
Yoshimi; Kyoto, Japan
tinie - Malaysia
Sai - From India
Lyssa, Philippines
Rieu; Seoul, Korea

Mai; Cairo,Egypt
Robyn - Cape Town, South Africa (& London)
Madelein; Johannesburg; South-Africa
Sahar; Rabat, Morocco (Africa)

King of the Lab - Trivia

What is the context (and episode) of a conversation that mentions Snell's Law?

2nd Bones Companion Book - out this fall

The 2nd Bones companion book, "The Forensic Files," will be released on October 27, 2009. You can pre-order it at Amazon. It is the followup to "The Official Companion Book," previously released. Both books delve into the episode, production, and more, and include unique information and pictures. Thanks, Terri, for the heads up!

Ecorazzi's Top 5 Vegan Celebrities

Ecorazzi, which often features Emily Deschanel charity appearances and more, has named her to it's Top 5 Vegan Celebrities list - at number 2!

2. Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel is one of those glamorous vegans that prove the power of plant-based foods. A vegan of over 16 years and a supporter of many great animal organizations, Emily is a rock in the movement and angel for the animals. For all of these reasons, we give her a high-five and spot number two.

Check out the full list. Thanks, Emilie, for the info!

Emily Deschanel with fans in Monte Carlo

Thank you, Emilie, for this video of Emily Deschanel signing autographs and taking pictures with fans in Monte Carlo. Even with no makeup, she's beautiful! She does look a little tired, though. It can't be easy doing all that when, it looks like, you just want to go into your hotel.

Emily Deschanel - Candids in Monte Carlo

Emily Deschanel and her boyfriend, together on her visit to Monte Carlo for the TV Festival:

You can see a lot more pictures here. Thanks, Stephanie, for the link.

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