Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hart Hanson on the Season 5 opener

Hart gives the unofficial title for the Season 5 Bones premier.

Kristen Spoils: Jared

Kristen asked Brendan Fehr about his Bones alter-ego Jared, and Season 5. (Scroll down just below the '24' picture.)

That Shark Rears Up Again

Sigh. As much as I hate to reference the finale again, TVGuide has put Bones on a list of Season finales and Shark Jumping. Even if you hated the finale maybe you can go vote for another show?

Obviously those who enjoyed the finale won't agree with the premise, but, for those who didn't enjoy it, do you think so badly of it that you would consider it "Jumping the Shark?"

Emily Deschanel in Monaco

Yvanne and Michelle both sent me some links for Emily Deschanel interviews and pictures in Monaco.


And the videos, 5 parts, of her interview at the festival:

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