Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ausiello: Hart Hanson on Booth's Question

In the latest Ausiello, Hart Hanson answers to the meaning of Booth's question at the end of the Bones Season 4 Finale.

David Boreanaz Pictures and Poll

The Insider has posted some airport pictures of David Boreanaz in LA. Alongside that (on the right side), you can vote for him in a TV's Alpha Male poll. (He's currently winning by a LOT - keep it that way!)

Emily Deschanel talks to Digital Spy

Emily Deschanel talks to DigitalSpy about Eric Millegan, Bones Season 3 and 4, Brennan, and more in this interview video taken at the Monte Carlo TV Festival.

Thanks, Mickey, for the link!

Kristen talks to Emily Deschanel

Kristen talks to Emily Deschanel about the Bones Season 4 finale and what might or might not occur in Season 5. (Actually, I think it's just a reference to these interview clips.)

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