Monday, June 15, 2009

Let the Pre-emptions begin

Go ahead and get out your groaning and complaints - the pre-emption list has already started for this fall. These are expected (baseball does this every year) but if you're like me, any week without Bones is worth some fussing!

The potentially hardest hit will be Thursdays and Saturdays with up to three pre-emptions, while Tuesdays and Fridays will sit out just one week at most.

("Bones," "Fringe")
October 22 (ALCS Game #5, if necessary)
October 29 (World Series Game #2)
November 5 (World Series Game #7, if necessary)
Thanks, lorapalmer, for the heads up.

Kristen Spoils: Two items

This week's spoiler chat with Kristen at E! has back-to-back Bones questions down past the "Spoiler Line - Do Not Cross!" One involves Brennan, the other Angela.

Thanks, Mickey!

Vegdaily mentions Emily Deschanel

Vegdaily highlights the words of Emily Deschanel and her advice on being environmentally conscious (and Vegan). It's the same stuff we can see her say directly in this video, but any extra mentions of the stars is good for Bones!

Thanks, Mickey, for the heads up!

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