Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bones Deserves an Emmy - Petition

Show your support for how much Bones deserves an Emmy. Sign the online petition here.

Star Central Magazine - 10 Sexiest Vampires

David Boreanaz, as Angel, comes in at #5 on this list of sexiest vampires.

5. David Boreanaz as Angel

“Angel” is actually a spin-off of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The main plot of the show revolves around the ongoing trials and tribulations of Angel, a yummy vampire whose human soul was reinstated to him by some gypsies as a form of revenge because he killed a gypsy. After more than a century of torturing and killing innocent people, His restored soul now tortures his damned soul with guilt on a daily basis. He works as a private detective in the TV series where he and a group of friends “help the helpless” and save the souls of those who have veered away onto the wrong path.

Angel is actually considered to be one of the sexiest men in TV - and we’re definitely not surprised! With a name like Angel, no wonder he’s a heart stopper!

TV's 50 Coolest Dads

Seeley Booth comes in at #13 on this list of "TV's Coolest Dads."

#13 Seeley Booth, Bones

Saving the day every day from the bad guys is enough to make Seeley Booth cool, but his devotion to his son Parker is what makes him a truly cool dad.

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