Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bones appearing at Comic-Con

I've been camping Kristen's Comic-Con page for two weeks now, looking for some Bones news and now we have it! There will be a Bones panel at Comic-Con again this year, on Friday July 24th, from 3-3:45. Thanks, Shep, for the additional link.

So far, it looks like Hart Hanson, David Boreanaz, and Emily Deschanel will be appearing. How about you? Any fans making plans to go? Please email me if you do - I'd be happy to post your pictures, stories, etc here for everyone to share. Be the envy of fans everywhere, just like Lucy! ;)

Emily Deschanel goes to bat for apes

Emily Deschanel is urging California Congressman Henry Waxman to support legislation that would work to eliminate invasive primate research and secure the release of about 500 chimpanzees into sanctuaries. Read about the letter here, and the full text of what she sent, here.

Thanks, RobsSilverstone, for the link! (via twitter)

Emily Deschanel's Flawless Skin

The Beauty and Fitness Addict blog has a short piece about Emily Deschanel's flawless skin. Thanks, Mikey, for the link!

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