Friday, July 3, 2009

Vampire Rules - Angel Mention

USA Today has compared the vampire 'rules', between True Blood, Twilight, and Angel. He is definitely more 'old school.' What do you think of the differences between the portrayals? Should entertainment be able to so often change the way vamps work? Do the changes keep it interesting?

Emily Deschanel broke her toe

Emily Deschanel has apparently broken her toe. No, it's not a set injury (actors return next week for Season 5) but actually happened while stepping out of the bath. Much teasing ensues.

US Bones Season 4 DVD Release

Meant to post this yesterday...sorry!

The US Date for the Bones Season 4 DVD release is set: October 6, 2009.

Seems like there might not be any commentaries...

BOO! As AuntTerriP says, that's one of the best parts! If you could pick commentary pairings, who would you want to see? I personally loved the Emily/David commentary (who didn't?!) but also Hart/Barry. Any other cast-mates you'd love to hear dish about an episode?

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