Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hart Hanson spoiler tweets

Hart Hanson gives normal, every-person information on his Twitter nonstop. But, occasionally he pops out a spoiler or two as well. For the best spoilers, he actually recommends Stephen Nathan's Twitter.

Spoiler 1, on a specific scene
Spoiler 2 and Spoiler 3 (related)

LA Times rates Bones as Must-See at Comic Con

The LA Times has a "Must-See" list for Comic Con. Bones is on the list.

So far behind on Hart Hanson tweets...

I'm way behind on sharing Hart Hanson tweets here. The guy is a machine, posting all kinds of great information! These are all NON spoiler tweets.

Season 5 will be 22 episodes. So will Season 6.
The 100th episode of Bones will occur in Season 5. David Boreanaz will direct.
David Boreanaz can moonwalk.
On why a House/Bones crossover will probably never happen.
Making light of all the Presidential pre-emptions of Bones.
On an extremely late night of shooting.
On bad timing for good ideas.
Why KR's book ideas will never appear on the show.
Apparently his car is as important as his Grandma.
On the Art Department's Emmy nomination.
He doesn't keep close tabs on who is shooting what when.
It seems that the British Bobble Headed Bobby came from... Bermuda?

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