Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ausiello Interviews at Comic-Con

Ausiello interviews Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel at Comic-Con. They talk about something and whether it will or won't appear in the season 5 premier (they don't answer it, really, so take that as a spoiler or not), the backlash to the season 4 finale, what fans want, what they give fans (and don't), and much more.

Thank you to multiple people for sending me this link, via email and comments.

Italian Comic-Con article on Bones

Thanks to Micky Boggs on her Twitter... here is an Italian article on Bones at Comic-Con.

Now, it's been, um, a few years *cough* since my college Italian. But, hey, there's a picture!

Comic-Con Pictures

MajorSamFan has posted some pictures from Comic-Con on Twitter.

Emily and Hart
David by Video

Other pictures of Emily Deschanel entering:

Kristen @ E! has a few as well.

Bones at Comic-Con: Video

Thanks, Shep, for pointing out this video of Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel at Comic-Con. Spoiler warning for the season opener!

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