Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's the 2nd most anticipated moment on Bones?

According to Hart Hanson, it might be this:

If you were a superhero what would you wear?

InStyle has a spread of stars answering the question "If you were a superhero what you wear?" Emily Deschanel answers:

"I'd wear a lot of lettuce and turn everything into vegetarian meals. I could turn everybody into vegans and stop all cruelty in general."

Other TCA Bones mentions

Kate O'Hare (who talks to Hart Hanson on twitter frequently) mentions various TCA tweets. (one light spoiler)

Maureen Ryan from the Chicago Tribune runs through a few items from the TCA. (spoilers)

Zap2It TCA Spoilers

Zap2It has their own rundown of the TCA talk on Friday. Spoiler warning about Booth.

Thanks, anon, for the post. Deleted the comment because it was a spoiler link on a non-spoiler post.

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