Monday, August 3, 2009

Zooey Deschanel on Bones... maybe, eventually, hopefully

Kristen at E!:

Lyndsey in Redondo Beach, Calif.: I heard a rumor that Emily Deschanel's sister Zooey might be on Bones. True or false?
Will you accept a "hopefully"? We heard the same thing about the lovely Zooey Deschanel, so we asked her sister Emily at Comic-Con, and she told us this: "We've been trying to get her on. We haven't figured that out yet. She's a very busy person." Added Bones show runner Hart Hanson, "We've actually written parts that she can do, and then it doesn't work out. We'll just keep trying."

Extreme Spoiler Chat: Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Sides are out for Bones Season 5 episode 4: Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

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TJ Thyne gives some great info

I won't copy it here directly because it contains plenty of spoilers but check out out T.J. Thyne's website for a few good pieces of information about Bones Season 5.

Hart Hanson on Jack Hodgins

Hart Hanson explains some of Jack Hodgins' characterization ~

Eric Millegan is moving

If you follow Eric Millegan's twitter you already know this, but he has posted a video on Youtube explaining his upcoming move to NYC. He mentions some vacation plans, future hopes, and even a little about Bones.

The credits, they be changing

The Bones credits are going to be spiffed up again:

Betcha wish you knew what he was smiling about...

Stephen Nathan teases about Bones production:

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