Wednesday, August 5, 2009

@harthanson on... a lot of things

I hurt my shoulder pretty badly (I don't know how, maybe lifting him, maybe just getting old (yes, Dear Husband, that is for you)) so I'm behind. Here's a compilation of recent @harthanson info:

Apparently it is Craig Ferguson's fault if S5Ep5 sucks. (here's what HH is talking about)
Spoiler (pretty light, on well discussed topic)
Picking corpse wounds is something like shopping in a catalog
Angela's Mom = unknown (so far)
Wearing a very cool shirt given to him by Emily Deschanel's boyfriend

Tacking on a Stephen Nathan comment about weeping re: Bones

Stars Geeking out over other Stars

Even well-known names can geek out over TV show casts. A certain upcoming guest star for Season 5 did just that, and Josh (the intern?) gets tasked with collecting all the signatures. (spoiler warning for the guest star named below the picture).

Emily Deschanel wants to give back to Boston U

Emily Deschanel wants to return to her alma mater, Boston University, to teach the students about what it really means to be an actress:

And speaking of the TV critics summer tour, “Bones” babe Emily Deschanel told the Track she pines to return to her alma mater, Boston University, to give some acting life lessons to students.

“It’s a hard transition for students since BU is a conservatory for theater,” said the College of Fine Arts grad during her “Bones” promo session.

“It’s a big transition to go from doing plays and theater to auditioning for movies and just being in the business.

“There’s so much you can tell them about the real world that they don’t learn in school,” said the TV lab rat.

Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan raise their voices

The Emmy's are cutting out broadcasting writing awards in this year's telecast. Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan have added their voices to a large list of Hollywood writers protesting the decision.

We, the undersigned showrunners and executive producers of television's current line-up of programs, oppose the Academy of Television Arts and Science's decision to remove writing awards from the live telecast. This decision conveys a fundamental understatement of the importance of writers in the creation of television programming and a symbolic attack on the primacy of writing in our industry. We implore ATAS to restore these awards to their rightful place in the live telecast of the 2009 Emmy Awards.

Hart Hanson, Bones
Stephen Nathan, Bones

10 Former Freaks and Geeks

Paste Magazine profiles Freaks and Geeks cast mates and John Francis Daley is mentioned:

John Francis Daley
Then: Sam Weir, geek
Now: Dr. Lance Sweets on Fox's Bones, plus a few projects in development—including, it seems, writing a script for a Shia LaBeouf project that this one dude on the Internet already thinks is definitely gonna suck.

Our Lady of Victory: Opening scenes

You can watch the opening scenes of David Boreanaz' movie Our Lady of Victory on the website. Unfortunately, there's no DB!

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