Thursday, August 6, 2009

@harthanson @squarechicken on some more stuff

Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan continue to feed us fun and information over the summer.

Spoiler 1
Spoiler 2
on being a noisy typist
On how great the Emmy acceptance speech will be if Bones wins
I will post the list of Season 2 reviews for commitments tomorrow. Please, please, if you are one of the 3 from Season 1 who has not emailed me about your review send me something to let me know if/when you can do your review. If I don't hear from you by first thing Monday I will ask for other people to do them.

Season 1 Bones Reviews - missing a few

I would really like to get to Season 2 reviews as well before Season 5 begins, but the Season 1 list is being held up by 4 reviews. Please, please email me your review or let me know if you can't do it and I will open them up to someone else.

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