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Televisionary talks to Hart Hanson

Thank you to the multiple comments/emails/etc that included this link. Spoilers abound as Televisionary talks to Hart Hanson about Bones Season 5.

Kristen Scoops "whackies"

Don't ask what that means as you'll have to be spoiled on a "maybe" plot to find out as Kristen talks to David Boreanaz about the idea.

Thanks, Jeannie, for the link.

12 Brainy TV/Movie Beauties

Emily Deschanel makes's list of 12 Brainy TV/Movie Beauties.

Temperence ''Bones'' Brennan on Bones

Leave it to someone named Temperance would make us go wild. Dr. Temperance ''Bones'' Brennan makes borderline catatonia seem hot, from her furrowed brow to the tips of her latex-gloved fingers — even if they're probing around a grody corpse. Talk about brains and beauty.

Don't forget to vote for her in the poll! She is currently winning.

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Michaela Conlin spoiler Q&A

Michaela Conlin interview at Daemon's TV. Plenty of spoilers discussed!

Bones Season 5 Promo - short one

Thanks, Lynn, for the link to this new quick Bones Season 5 promo.

Guest Episode Review - #112 "The Superhero in the Alley"

Time for the next Bones Season 1 Episode review: The Superhero in the Alley! If you want to start at the beginning here are my Season 1 Bones Reviews from last summer:

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This review was written by the awesome Ellynne who stepped in on very short notice!

Season 1 list - still need "The Graft in the Girl" (and Bodies & Limbo sent in)
Season 2 list - still 3 or 4 open!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~
The Superhero in the Alley

First of all, let me warn you up front that English is not my native language, so any ‘odd’ use of words or grammar is completely my fault and open for you to laugh at. (Wendy edit: I did some 'Americanizing' but might have missed a few!) Also, I’m writing this after my third night shift in a row, while having my dinner for breakfast so God knows that does to my review for this episode. Having said that, let’s move on, shall we?

The episode opens with media explaining how six kids have found a body that looked like it belonged in a horror movie. Booth and deputy director Cullen are walking through the closed off crime scene, while Cullen is putting Booth under pressure on how ‘he doesn’t want to read in the media that the FBI is clueless about a body that had been found by church boys and dressed up for Halloween’. Cullen leaves and in come the lovely Dr. Temperance Brennan and assistant Zach Addy. Brennan talks about remains she was working on before arriving to this scene and Booth promises that she’ll find this very interesting too. We are then faced with a body lying in the garbage, wearing some sort of armored suit or a sexual bonding suit (according to Booth, I’m way too innocent for any such thoughts). He’s also carrying a bag with degraded cellulose and maggots inside. Zach notes some fractures and ground disturbance that indicate total body impact. Booth looks up at the building next to the body and feeling Cullen’s breath in his neck, decides to hurry Bones:

Booth: Okay so did he jump or was he pushed Bones?
Brennan: That’s what we have to figure out. We can take the skeleton in. Give you a report maybe after next week.
Booth: Oh no, you don’t have to solve the whole case just tell me if I’m looking at a murder maybe, you know, pull a quick ID?
Brennan: Don’t use your charm smile on me.
Booth: What? It’s a mark of respect. That’s all.

Oh well, Bones was smiling back. We all know that she secretly likes it. And so does most of the female audience, as David Boreanaz still looks extremely cute for someone in his mid-thirties (and forty now!).

At the lab, Zach discovers that the victim was between fourteen and eighteen years old. Hodgins found out that the degraded cellulose was a graphic novel. Zach says he never read comics, which surprises Hodgins because of ‘Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, Battlestar Galactica, Popstars…’ Yeah, the last one wasn’t in it, but it would have been funny. Back to the case, Hodgins, Brennan and Zach conclude that the teen was killed by brutal assault and then dropped from the building. A staged suicide, ladies and gentlemen!

Brennan and Booth set out to visit the family. Booth has learned that the victim was a Warren Granger, age seventeen, reported missing two months ago. Brennan notes he was small for his age. Booth offers to let her sit this case out to get back to the other remains, but she replies rather snippy that she’s on this now. Once inside, the stepfather enlightens them that Warren had neither friends nor any enemies and spends all his time in his room with his comics and toys. He had tried to get him out by getting him a job at the bowling alley, but with no success. He had figured that Warren had just run away. The stepfather walks out, so Booth and Brennan can examine the room and his comic collection.

Booth: Sweet.
Brennan: Sweet?
Booth: Ah, he has Batman number 127 featuring The Hammer of the Thor. This is worth about three hundred bucks.
Brennan: Booth, are you a nerd?
Booth: First of all, you mean geek and no, I’m not, okay? It’s quite normal for an American male to read comic books.
Brennan: I find it hard to believe you have anything in common with Warren Granger.
Booth: Oh, you mean isolated with an inner secret life? No, okay. I’d say you were more like Warren.

More bickering could have ensued, but Brennan’s phone vibrates after receiving a text message from Zach. He discovered more fractures on his forearms, meaning that Warren fought back. Brennan checks his computer, to find nothing but games on them. She wonders what he does at his desk. I believed it was used for the same reason I use mine: for feet leverage. But, she finds a writing pad and rubs a pencil over it to see what he wrote. Booth finds a comic book in his drawer about a ‘Citizen 14’ who is wearing the same costume as the victim. Warren was dressed as a superhero.

Back at the lab, Angela discovered that the comic was handmade. Brennan realizes that this was what Warren had been writing at his desk: a comic starring himself. Booth brings up that he might have gotten so consumed by this fantasy that he had actually gone out to fight crime himself. Booth and Brennan set out to find friends of Warren that his mother didn’t know about.

They end up at a comic book store, where the sales boy Stew Ellis turns out to know Warren. He came in there all the time. Upstairs is a group of people called the ‘Doomsday group’ and Ellis tells Booth that Warren used to be one of them. Booth and Brennan head up to find five teens looking at comic books and listening to loud music. After one of them introduced themselves at Yasutani the Terrible, Brennan points out that Warren would fit right into the group with the act of fantasy life, the social awkwardness and the costumes. The guy’s name is actually Jeremy Kuznetsky, in which case I probably would have changed my name too. Jeremy explains that Citizen 14 left the group months ago, while calling the other members posers. A girl calling herself Blue Minnow, or actually Abigail Zeeley, gets upset and calls people to shut up, after learning about Warren’s death. She admits that Citizen 14 used to be her partner and that Warren was her friend. When another member points out that they were more than that, she leaves the room.

In the car, Booth and Brennan discuss the possibility of Warren’s character, Citizen 14, getting killed, instead of Warren himself. Prime suspect is our Yasu the Terrible. Booth believes they have lost complete grip of reality, and Brennan orders a drug test from the victim’s hair.

At the lab, Goodman is analyzing the Citizen 14 novel. Booth says he doesn’t believe that everything in a novel has a special meaning behind it. Neither does Brennan.

Brennan: With all due respect, but my writing for example, is pure fiction.
Dr. Goodman: Dr. Brennan, I fear you reveal much more of your world view in your writing than you realize.
Brennan: Such as?
Dr. Goodman: Such as Archaeologists make good administrators, because they enjoy tedium.
Angela: Such as artists are doomed to a life of loneliness, because they are unable to think beyond instant gratification.
Booth: Such as, you know, FBI guys are hot and Angela here wants to have sex with me.
Angela: Yeah.

Brennan re-examines the remains and discuss superpowers with Zach. Zach says he’d want to have extra powers, which Brennan doesn’t understand. This reminds of some interview I read with Emily Deschanel, who said her power would be to turn every meal vegetarian and turn everybody vegan. That would sound really odd out of Bones’ mouth! Anyway, Brennan discovers that Warren was stabbed at the base of his spine, severing his spinal cord and thus killing him. Zach gets back to cleaning the bones and matching a weapon, which would make him a real hero in the real world, according to Brennan. Aww…

Goodman and Angela have continued their comic analysis and came across a girl called the ‘Opalescence’. In the comic, Citizen 14 wants to rescue her from a creature called ‘the Twisted’. The Opalescence is surrounded by blue, as was Blue Minnow’s hair, so Goodman concludes it might be a good idea to question her about who Warren wanted to save her from.

Booth and Brennan question Abigail or Blue Minnow, or any combination thereof in Booth’s office. She says Warren had a girlfriend, but that she shared a connection with him that neither could deny. Booth asks if she believes that the Opalescence in the comic is supposed to be her. When Brennan says that they think it’s another girl entirely, she says that she was not obsessed with Warren, unlike the others said and that Warren was different because he believed in what was right and in truth. She claims the other group member can’t be taken seriously with police records on vandalism and trespassing. Murder would take courage and that would have meant something. Then again, so is shoplifting while waving at the surveillance cameras, but hey, whatever floats her boat.

In the mean time, Zach is doing a comic analysis of his own:

Hodgins: You’re reading Bugs Bunny, man.
Zach: On the surface yes but if you dig deeper the subtext becomes apparent. The conflict is representative of the Darwinian struggle between avians and mammals for dominance.
Hodgins: Based on Bugs giving Daffy Duck a cigar made out of dynamite?

Of course that’s what it’s all about! Every six year old can figure that out! Ahem… Hodgins then discovers Zach degraded the bone, which is impossible with a four percent peroxide solution unless the kid was sick.

Booth and Brennan have arrived at the bowling alley and discus whether or not bowling is a sport. Brennan doesn’t think so, since there’s no physical benefit to it, which pisses Booth off, since he’s won some awards with it. Brennan comments a paper of her also won awards. Booth comments that it’s ‘like they lead parallel lives’. If they were trying to be funny here, they failed in my eyes. Booth and Brennan then head up to the counter to talk to Warren’s boss Ted. His wife Lucy comes up, being called after by a noisy group that turns out to be…the Doomsday Group. Booth asks about Warren’s girlfriend, who has never been introduced to either of them. Except for Abigail AKA Blue Minnow AKA Stalker Girl, nobody ever came to see him. Brennan’s phone rings and she learns from Zach that Warren had leukaemia, and would have died by now if he had not been murdered.

Our favorite couple is back to talking with the mother and stepfather, who had been unaware of Warren’s deteriorating condition. Warren had seen what it had done to his mother when he was first diagnosed with leukemia at age eleven and Booth suggested that Warren now decided to toughen it out alone. Later, Booth admits to Brennan that he probably did it just to be more like a hero and that what he previously was only meant to make the mother feel better. Angela and Goodman join the party and discuss the comic some more. Brennan realizes that they only found evidence of Warren writing the comic, but not actually drawing them. Then Zach comes in between, stating he’s found another bone in the victim’s neck which he can’t account for. Brennan heads off as Angela checks the comic to reveal that it was Stew Ellis, the comic sales boy that drew the Citizen 14 comic.

Booth goes back to talk to Stew, who claims he didn’t admit to being partners with Warren before, because they had had an argument and of course, he didn’t want to look suspicious. The argument was about merchandising, as Stew believed he earned a bigger share of money for actually doing all the drawing. They had also argued about Stalker Girl, with whom Stew hooked up several times, but she was too obsessed with Bones-- I mean, Warren, to notice him.

Brennan and Zach examine the bone, which did not come from Warren Granger, but from somebody else’s arm. This probably came from his attacker as Warren fought back during the assault. Brennan then goes to a separate room to cut the bone and Booth steps in to discuss what he’s learned from Stew. They then go back to the superpowers talk:

Brennan: You said before that Warren reminded you of me. You think I’m just like him, that he hid from life by immersing himself in a fantasy world where he fought crime and I do the same thing, only I don’t have super powers. I…have science.
Booth: C’mon Bones you do fight crime. It’s not a fantasy. As far as any normal person is concerned you do have super powers.
Brennan: You’re just saying that to me.
Booth: No, I don’t do that.
Brennan: Yes, you do. You lied to Warren Granger’s mother to make her feel better. That seems to be your super power.

Well, they both have superpowers: they are both super blind to their chemistry. They talk some more about the bone and conclude that the bone was deposited in Warren’s neck by the same weapon that severed his spinal cord. That doesn’t make it the killer’s bone, but maybe another victim’s.

Booth and Brennan head back to the bowling alley to request Warren’s last pay check. Brennan notices that wife Lucy is favoring one arm and walking like some ribs are broken. Booth adds that this kind of damage indicated a fist. Ted walks back in with the pay check while Brennan sends him a death glare and says one of the best lines in this episode:

Bones: I’ll see you in the comic books, buster.
Ted: What?
Booth: Thanks I’ll get this back to you. (He drags Brennan towards the door.) It’s “See you in the funny pages”.

Brennan says she thinks Ted is beating his wife. Booth realizes Ted is the Twister in the comic, and Lucy is the Opalescence. Brennan wants Booth to arrest him, but they don’t have enough on him yet. Back in the lab, Zach discovered the bone belonged to a Caucasian male in his mid-thirties. Well, what do you know? David Boreanaz himself fit the profile! But instead, they discuss a possible murder weapon while they don’t quite know what they’re looking for. Brennan then realizes something:

Brennan: Wait. You said that in books you could find the real world version.
Booth: Yeah well, I mean if you know you, it’s pretty obvious.
Brennan: Well, give me an example.
Booth: Okay well in your book your partner is a former Olympic boxer who graduated from Harvard and spoke six different languages. In real life, you got me. Ha.
Brennan: So what you’re saying is that reality falls far, far short of fictional.
Booth: Yeah, thanks a lot, Bones.

Which raises the question: is Andy Lister just as hot as the real Seeley Booth?

We then see Angela, Booth and Brennan in the holograph lab. Angela pulls up some possible murder weapons in the holograph, including the superhero weapons Warren was carrying himself. None of it is a match, but Booth suddenly realizes what it is.

Booth and Brennan are back in the car again, and discuss how the Opalescence never was a romantic figure. It was the distress she was in that appealed to Warren. He wanted to save her and make a difference before he died. Brennan states that Warren indeed turned out to be more like Booth than herself. Booth receives a radio message that Ted and Lucy’s house is empty. Booth requests a back-up team to the bowling alley.

At the bowling alley, Booth confronts Ted with the fact that he likes to beat up people weaker than him. He asks if he owns a bevel knife, a knife to clean out bowling balls. Ted states they’ll need a warrant for that. Brennan persuades Lucy into handing her the bevel knife. After examination, Brennan agrees that it might indeed be the possible murder weapon and that the extra bone could have come from the murderer. Warren was right handed, so most likely the wound would be on the murderer’s left arm. Brennan then walks up to Ted and hits him on the arm. Blood then stains his shirt and he reaches out to punch her, but she deflects it, grabs his arm and throws him on his back, on top of a table. Booth cuffs the bastard and places him under arrest.

In the questioning room, Booth and Brennan talk to Lucy. Lucy says Warren saw Ted hit her one night. He ran away then. Booth and Brennan explain that Warren had wanted to rescue her. He stabbed Ted with the bevel knife and Ted then took the knife from him to kill him, which had been easy in his condition. Lucy cries.

The last scene is at the funeral. Members from his Doomsday group are placing toys on his casket. Angela finished Warren’s comic book by coloring the sketches in. Booth places his sharpshooter metal on the casket. Abigail is wearing the blue wig and is crying from a distance. Brennan hands Lucy the comic book. On the last page of the book is the Opalescence with a text balloon saying ‘Thank you’ to Citizen 14.

So while this was definitely not the best episode in Bones history, probably because of the lack of character development, we have learned a few things:

- Brennan is able to recognize Booth’s charm smile (woo-hoo!)
- There’s more to a Bugs Bunny comic than meets the eye…literally!
- If you ever feel the need to safe your boss’ wife, do take into account that you yourself might face some violence. Better call a hotline instead.

Bones Season 5 Cast Photo - Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin's cast photo for Bones Season 5:

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