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Extreme Spoiler Chat: A Night at the Bones Museum

Sides are out for Bones Season 5 episode 5: A Night at the Bones Museum. Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

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Ausiello spoils: a bit of Angela, a bit of Brennan

Ausiello spoils about Angela, Brennan, and then some.

Guest Episode Review - #113 "The Woman in the Garden"

Time for the next Bones Season 1 Episode review: The Woman in the Garden! If you want to start at the beginning here are my Season 1 Bones Reviews from last summer:

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This review was written by the Kate who most certainly was way ahead of the deadline a month ago! :)

Season 1 list - still need volunteer for "The Graft in the Girl" (and Bodies & Limbo sent in)
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The Woman in the Garden Review and Commentary

Summary: A gangbanger is caught with a dead body in his trunk. When a second body is found and a senator falls under suspicion, Booth and Bones must determine if and how the two killings are related to each other, rival gangs, and the senator.

Review and Commentary: First, let me just say how refreshing it was to see Season 1 Booth and Brennan again. I mean that literally; I love Booth's Boy Scout haircut and miss Brennan's chunky jewelry and less obvious make-up. I do miss the cocky belt buckle, though. Moving on, the show opens with Booth and Brennan discussing the case while driving through Little Salvador.

Brennan gives Booth a spiel about various Central American atrocities. He is more interested in the whole "someone got murdered" thing. They exit the car and attempt to question the suspect about the body in his trunk, but he isn't talking. Nor will he for a while, since a drive-by shooting provides an opportunity for him to escape. The slo-mo here’s a little silly and Booth is oddly carrying a revolver as his service weapon. Booth pursues, but cannot catch him. Looks mighty nice while running, so I consider it a win. End scene and roll opening credits.

Back at the lab, the team goes over the remains, listing identifying features. A rosary is recovered from the body and sent to Goodman for identification. (He is mysteriously made into an expert in Mesoamerican religious iconography for this episode, but what the heck. The man only has one season; I'm willing to spot him this.) Zack identifies a single, hard blow to the head as the cause of death. Bones appears to express some outrage that the obviously religious victim wasn't buried in accordance with her beliefs, that things she wanted to have—should have had—were taken from her even after she was dead. It’s so nice to have the socially awkward and clueless Bones back, compared to the alienating and jerky Bones of certain season four episodes.

At this point, the killing is believed to be gang-related, so Booth interrogates the leader of the rival gang. I don’t know the actor’s name, but he seems to get a lot of work as a gangbanger/thug. He denies responsibility and Booth realizes that the gangbanger’s own gang did the drive-by as a cover for his escape. He giddily returns to the lab to share this new insight with Bones. She raises him by revealing the victim was pregnant at the time she was killed. How, I’m not sure, but she does and that’s what’s important, darn it! Meanwhile, Hodgins has identified some of the particulates, which lead the three of them to a community garden. The running joke about Brennan not having a gun is here and there’s a rather stilted conversation between Hodgins, Bones, and Booth about immigration and poverty while in the car. In the garden, Brennan discovers another body has recently been disinterred as well.

Further particulates and a rare flower lead to a senator with close ties to El Salvador. Hogdins’ complaint about society failing when Bones and Booth don’t follow the “rules” of calling shotgun in the car is very funny, as is Brennan missing social cues by discussing puzzles. Ah, maybe in season five, such fun aspects of Brennan 1.0 will resurface. I'm crossing my fingers. At any rate, they arrive at the senator’s home and are conveniently introduced to senator’s family, including his son, Logan. I like how the senator and his family are distinguished primarily by their fine sweaters. The term “house manager” also makes me giggle. If it’s big enough you need someone else to manage it, it’s too big. Naturally, the writer chooses to bash the viewer over the head with Class Differences next (Logan “supervising” the men.) Booth shows around a drawing of the gangbanger, and the senator’s son identifies him as Jose, a gardener. Hodgins pops out of the bush long enough to announce a hit on the aquatic fauna and lo and behold! There’s a second body buried near a pond on the senator's property.

The second body is older than the first. While the squints are studying it, Goodman magically pins down the first victim’s origin down to a specific village, which Brennan is suspiciously familiar with. Angela brings in a sketch of the first victim, uttering for the first time my husband’s least favorite line: “I drew her smiling.” I agree it’s hokey, but hardly worth ranting about. (Did I mention he doesn’t like Bones much?) Zach examines the second victim and finds a bullet wound.

With a name, Booth and Brennan locate Jose's wife and child. Jose's wife does not speak English and she is too scared of Booth (who believes she is protecting her husband) to say anything. Booth is pretty hardcore cop the entire episode, to the point of (briefly) pointing a gun at a woman holding a baby and using threats of keeping said baby as leverage. I do enjoy seeing intense Booth, as opposed to the goofy Booth of Season 4, but it also highlights the gradually opening up and softening of his character over the seasons. He was a tough cop back in the day and I like how we've seen more of his good heart and tenderness.

Back in the lab, Bones realizes that the two bodies are related, likely father and daughter, due to congenital foramina in their sternums. Fun fact: sternal foramen will appear as an identifying feature again in Season 3's The Secret in the Soil. (For some reason, I feel like it appears in a third episode, but I can't think of it.) The squints try to determine motive, leading to Hodgins’ impersonation of Booth—which is hilarious. Bones and Zach re-examine the second victim and conclude he died from cancer, not his bullet wound. Booth and Brennan discuss the incident with Jose’s wife. Booth accuses her of going all “mushy” on him (only time in the series) and Brennan stresses how she’s not a cop and sympathizes with Jose’s family’s plight. Booth has an agreement to question Jose, thanks to his gang leader’s bad sister. (“Thank god for bad sisters, huh?”). True to his word, a “special package” for Booth is delivered to a local hospital.

There, Booth and Brennan question Jose, who tells them his father's and sister's names. His monologue about his family while in the hospital is pretty over-the-top, for me anyway. B&B interrogate the leader of Jose's gang, Mara Muerte. He claims to know nothing about the deaths and is generally unhelpful, mainly trying to impress Bones with his “authority.” She eventually walks out of the room, a rare occurrence. Waiting for the elevator, the gang leader tries to bully Brennan and she responds with a little Bones Fu. Who doesn't love Action Bones™? This will lead to Angela expanding how beating up gangbangers is bad and to Bones offering a previously undisclosed kidnapping/false imprisonment tale. The relating of her captivity in El Salvador could have easily turned into laughable melodrama, but Emily Deschanel shows admirable restraint and thus saves the scene. Hodgins interrupts to announce the identity of the murder weapon, which leads right back to the senator's house.

The house manager, Hector, recognizes the first victim, Maria, as a maid who was involved with Logan. He in turn admits to an affair and fathering her child, but he denies killing her. Booth believes him and zeros in on Hector as the killer. Angela and Brennan run through scenarios in the Angelator when Brennan figures out how Maria hit her head. She and Booth return to the hospital to try and get more information from Jose. There’s absolutely no reason for this scene, except to explain why Jose was in the gang—which is unnecessary—and make the entire family more sympathetic—which is also unnecessary. In the senator's home, B&B do a little experiment showing how Maria was pulled off a ladder, hitting her head on a bedpost. Hector confesses to pulling Maria off the ladder, though he did not mean to kill her or know she was fatally injured. Bones arrests him on suspicion of manslaughter. You’d think the episode would end there, but no.

Back at FBI HQ, Booth receives a message that Mara Muerte has put out a hit on Bones. Apparently, getting physical with gangbangers does have negative consequences. There’s a funeral for the two victims (can’t say the writer didn’t wrap things up with a big bow), during which an important message about immigration is given and which Booth misses because he’s busy threatening the illustrious Mara Muerte leader. Bones is understandably confused and upset, but Booth keeps quiet about his extracurricular activities. Roll credits.

For shippers (and you know all of you are), the big advancement is Booth most awesomely threatening the Mara Muerte leader for putting out a hit on Brennan. (Disclaimer: Violence is Bad.) His fingers are white from exerting pressure! I don’t know how actors do that without actually exerting pressure, but I’m impressed. Seriously, it's my Favorite Booth Moment™#5. In the Pain in the Heart, when Bones was yelling at him in the bathroom, I thought of this moment. When I dream my Bones-y dreams at night, I see Brennan learning of this moment and finally understanding how much Booth cares about her. In the far off day when they get together, I will see this as the beginning of their romance. That gushing aside, he's clearly protecting her here as his *partner* not as Bones, not as his beloved. Still, one can dream. Sigh.

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