Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two New Bones Promos

Dr. Su has once again posted new promos for Bones! Default spoiler warning as with any promo.

Bones on Location

Fan at the official Bones forums has posted about the happy accident of realizing Bones was filming across the street from work. Light on spoilers, with some information about the location shot. You can also see pictures here.

Hart Hanson getting Ausiellod

Hart Hanson recently posted about getting Ausielloed. This week's "Ask Ausiello" has part of that 'interrogation.' (Would love to copy the verbatim exchange because it's nicely done, but it's full of spoiler information, or at least lots of teasing about one spoiler, so I will leave it to you to follow the link. I've been up since 3 am. I almost did it without thinking!)

David Boreanaz on the impending birth

David Boreanaz talks to about the impending arrival of his little girl. He sounds so excited!

Thanks to Terri and Kate for sharing the link.

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