Friday, September 11, 2009

100th Episode of Bones

In case you haven't counted, the 100th episode of Bones will air this season. That is always a special episode where they can do something momentousness, or have some fun, or really scare the skittles out of fans by doing something crazy. Ausiello has spoken with Hart Hanson about a possibility. Of course you should take that with a huge grain of salt.

Technically it's a spoiler because it gives an idea, but it really spoils something as it is something already referenced. Read at your own risk, but I say you won't regret peeking!

What would you like to see in the 100th episode of Bones?

ETOnline talks about Babies

ETOnline has an article about Bones and babies. It mixes show spoilers with David Boreanaz baby information. To share the non-spoiler bits:

...Bardot Vita Boreanaz was born on August 31, and Deschanel says she is just "adorable." "[We have seen] many, many pictures of the baby. She is adorable, but no [we haven't met her yet]," Emily tells ET. "She is very young, so it would be inappropriate to bring her to the set. We are giving them time to bring her out to the world. I look forward to meeting her."

And Hanson says that the baby's birth has had a calming influence on Boreanaz.

"Certainly David has settled down," Hanson says. "He was a wreck the month preceding the baby's arrival. He is a whole different guy now. He is happy and very, very pleased."

Thanks, Jenny, for the link!

New Poll: Which Intern would You Kick to the Curb?

Everyone talks about their favorite intern but, if you could kick one (just one!) intern, aka the 'not-Zack's, out of the lab forever, which one would it be? This is forever forever - not Daisy-you're-fired-but-you're-really-not forever?

Dr. Clark Edison (ok, not an intern, but still...)
Wendell Bray
Vincent Nigel-Murray
Colin Fisher
Arastoo Vaziri
Daisy Wick
There was also Scott Starret but, for all intents and purposes, it seems he has moved on already!
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Previous polls, closing 'em out (long overdue)

Bones Season 4

Loved it
3146 (69%)
Liked it
548 (12%)
It was okay
192 (4%)
Not a fan
39 (0%)
Hated it
49 (1%)
I am done with the show
31 (0%)
I love Bones no matter what
1228 (27%)
I wish it had been different
315 (6%)
I wanted more science
252 (5%)
I wanted more character
306 (6%)
I wanted a more serious tone
331 (7%)
I wanted a lighter tone
63 (1%)
110 (2%)

Votes so far: 4502

The End in the Beginning

Loved it
720 (38%)
Liked it
450 (23%)
It was okay
311 (16%)
Not a fan
204 (10%)
Hated it
209 (11%)

Votes so far: 1894

BB in Bed vs The Kiss

Bed was way more of a cheat
526 (40%)
Bed was slightly more of a cheat
155 (11%)
They were both cheats
247 (18%)
Kiss was slightly more of a cheat
38 (2%)
Kiss was way more of a cheat
69 (5%)
Neither were cheats
160 (12%)
Don't Care
93 (7%)
26 (1%)

Votes so far: 1314

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