Monday, September 14, 2009

Q&A with Hart Hanson & Emily Deschanel

There are lots of spoilers in this Q&A conference call transcript with Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel, of course, but a few spoiler-free moments of fun as well:

Q: How do you sort of gauge where to sort of throw in the levity moments when you have a grisly mutilated body and the focus of the case that week?

H. Hanson: Well, we are getting better at knowing what works and what doesn’t work. With the advantage Bones has is that most of the time the remains that Booth and Brennan are standing over – they’re very, very gross but not usually a recognizable human being. You have a bit more luxury with their asides and the humor than you would if it was a recognizable – oh look at that; someone’s mother lying there. That’s a huge reason it works is that – and we actually make the bodies hideous enough that it’s almost funny. It goes over toward the macabre or the grotesque. Then certainly Emily can tell you we cut to what works. They shoot more—David and Emily snap around more than what eventually hits the screen. We just put in the best parts we think, and the parts that work we think, and there’s tons of debate about it in every single episode.

Evolution of Booth and Brennan - all the moments

Alright, I failed Cupcakebean for a year now on doing this, so I will take Gabriel's suggestion (see comments on this post) and open it up to you guys.

Can you guys help chart the progression of Booth and Brennan? When were certain corners turned? What about 'firsts'? When was the last time X happened?

Let's see if we can lay out their path, thus far, in it's entirety! Please give episode Season and name or number when adding to the list so that it's easier to put everything in order. We want to get the entire path of their relationship, as much info as possible.

Emily and Michaela appearances - pictures

Sorry for the fly-by posts today. Just wanted to get a few things out there but kind of short on time at the moment! :)

Michaela Conlin's appearance at Skybar, celebrating fashion.

Emily Deschanel and her boyfriend at M's cafe.

Emily Deschanel loves her some shoes

Emily Deschanel is so outspoken about her beliefs and always ready to support any company or designer who espouses her same animal-cruelty free lifestyle. highlights her picks for OlsenHaus shoes.

Fans on EW give Bones props

Emily Deschanel wins an Ewwy for Best Actress in a Drama and both Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz win their Ultimate Hottie categories.

Thanks Robyn, and others, for the links!

Korbi on the Season 5 Premier

Korbi @ Zap2It talks about the Bones Season 5 premier and whether or not it will satisfy fan longings. (spoiler-ish, but not highly informative)

Thanks, Jenny D.

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