Wednesday, September 16, 2009

David Boreanaz presenting at the Emmys

David Boreanaz will be presenting at the Emmy awards this Sunday. Hope he gets a better pairing than Lauren Conrad this time!

TJ Thyne on the radio

Thanks, Melissa, for this link. T.J. Thyne called in to the Boston Radio Show "Matty in the Morning" today to talk about Bones Season 5 and the premier tomorrow night. Some spoiler warning. You can listen here.

It's Bonesday Eve!

For Canadians it is officially Bones day, but for most of us we have one more day to go!

Just a few reminders:

The "It's On with Alexa Chung" David Boreanaz interview was canceled. I'm sorry!

David Boreanaz is still scheduled to be on Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Since Bones is airing in Canada this evening, many of you will see it before it airs in the US tomorrow night. There are so many ways I could handle this on the blog (I am still bitter about this huge headache it is causing!) but for the moment I am going to stick with what I did last year and NOT post the episode discussion until the US airing tomorrow night. If you'd want to discuss Harbingers in the Fountain earlier feel free to ohh and ahh and gush and complain away in the spoiler post. I know that many or most other sites will handle this differently but any discussion before the American airing is basically spoilers and I try to keep OWB as spoiler-light as possible so everyone, including those who watch the episodes completely fresh and unspoiled on Thursday nights, can enjoy both the show and the online community. I don't want people to feel that they have to avoid this site for 24 hours each week.

PS Remember that Twitter will spoil if you are waiting for tomorrow. I know some of you send me DMs with links and such and to keep from being spoiled I will not even look at the emails informing me of them before the show airs tomorrow night. Not being rude, just firmly wishing the enjoy the show fresh tomorrow night with my husband (hoping baby squint is nice enough to not interrupt too!).


PPPS Please don't go into the fact that Americans spoil it for others, etc. It's an American show, this is a blog by an American with a family and other things to do as well. I can only do so much and I have to center this on the American show airings. Most of you outside the country don't *ahem* wait for your official airings anyway!

And, of course, enjoy the show, whenever you watch it :)

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