Monday, September 21, 2009

An 11 year old sums up Bones (Harbingers in the Fountain)

Thanks, Jeannie, for sending this to me. Hart Hanson also mentioned this on his Twitter. It comes from the official Bones forums.

My 11 yr old cousin, promised her mom and me, she would watch Bones for us-we were complaining because we had class. Here is her recap, this was her first time watching, but she knows the main characters from her mom. Here goes-

Bones:Ms. Bones is pregnant but she and Mr. Booth aren't happy. She had a bad day, she was in a dark cave all by herself, she couldn't get anybody to stay in the cave with her. They were all too scared. A witch kept following her around trying to get her to play cards with her. Everytime the witch talked to her, Ms. Bones wanted to cry. She had a fight with this huge guy and Booth almost shot her, but lucky he missed. She was bleeding because the man almost cut off her arm.

Booth: Mr. Booth was homeless and sleeping on Ms. Bones sofa, but his mom must of got him a job, because he started working with her as a police. His mom didn't like it when Bones and the guy who looks like Uncle Craig (Jack) made fun of Booth being sick and kinda slow. She and M. Booth are close cause he got in her ugly car, it's a no name car and he didn't even try to hide so nobody could see him. He felt bad that he almost killed Bones, but she told him, he killed the bad guy and not Bones. She made him go home and change his shirt. He wore girl socks, probably because he's still kinda sick.

Angela: Angela had on a totally hot dress and boots.

Cam: Ms. Cam got scared because she thought Booth was sick again. But he's not, so she was okay.
The show was pretty sad.

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David Boreanaz presenting at the 2009 Emmy Awards

This video was posted by a Stephen Moyer fan, but you can see the combination presentation with David Boreanaz as they walk out right at the 5 minute mark.

David Boreanaz on the 2009 Emmy Red Carpet

David Boreanaz interviewed on the red carpet at the 2009 Emmy Awards. They talk presenting, baby Bardot, and Bones Season 5. (no spoilers, just basic 'here's where we stand' talk)

Thanks, Jessica, for the email!

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