Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bones Season 5 premiering in the UK this week

Season 5 of Bones premiers this Thursday, October 8th, in the UK. In advance of that, Sky1 has a video and short article with Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. It mostly involves speculation of what might build from Season 4 into Season 5. There really aren't any spoilers, especially beyond what has aired in the US so far.

Another place to (legally) watch Bones

If you life outside the US you know the frustration of waiting to watch Bones for weeks, or worse. There are always download options (please do not post them here!) but there is also another legal option to see it in, at least some, other countries. Global Canada offers streaming video just like the Fox site.

Bones is Babyland!

Congratulations to Barry Josephson on the birth of his baby girl, just a few weeks after David Boreanaz shared the same joy:

Those missing seat belts

Hart Hanson again answers why Booth never wears a seat belt:

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