Thursday, October 22, 2009

A few weeks of extra Bones

Starting November 6th, there will be a double dose of Bones for nearly a month. Friday night new programming will be replaced with repeats, including Bones at 9pm, following House repeats. Regular programming will resume on December 4th.

Where Baby Bardot got her Name

This is from a few weeks ago, but some of you may also have missed it. Jeannie sent me this link. The people story talks about how David Boreanaz and his wife Jaime have been doing with their new addition, how Jaden is doing with her, and where her name came from.

During a recent appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly, the 40-year-old Bones star said that it was actually a Douglas Kirkland photograph of the famed actress that reeled him in, a mere two weeks prior to Bardot’s August 31st birth. “It was the energy,” David revealed. “The essence of that photograph kind of got me moved. It hit me hard.”

Ausiello spoils: Christmas Episode

If you didn't already know, Bones is doing a Christmas episode this year (guess all 'odd' years get them?). Now, though, we know when it will air:

December 10th

That is, of course, barring any interruptions.

You can read Ausiello's confirmation, but there is a spoiler for the casting of that episode.

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