Friday, October 23, 2009

Hiatus Test: Chatter Post

Since forums are a bit beyond my capacity I wondered, during this hiatus void, if you all would be interested in having a daily 'off-topic' post just to chat about Bones or anything else going on in the world?

Consider this the first one, as a test. There are only 2 rules at this point:

  • Keep it clean
  • No spoilers

Otherwise, talk about whatever you want!

If you enjoy them I will keep posting them throughout the hiatus and even after.

I am also looking at revamping the Master Episode List to include links to all music and discussion posts as well, while adding a slew of new discussion posts to cover all the episodes that pre-date the live discussion posts already in existence.

I'd be happy to know your thoughts on these ideas or anything else you'd like to see here! Meanwhile, I am going to go read about making your own baby food! :)

Extreme Spoiler Chat: The X in the File

Sides are out for Bones Season 5 episode 11: The X in the File. Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

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