Monday, October 26, 2009

31 Classic Halloween Episodes

Zap2It has compiled a list of 31 classic Halloween Episodes and one of my favorite Bones episodes, "The Mummy in the Maze" is high on the list!

Bones shows up in the Top 25

Every year, Bones creeps just a little higher in the list of top shows by ratings. Last year it was in the 30s, the year before that the 50s. "A Night at the Bones Museum" showed up at #25 for overall ratings for the week at 9.5 million. That's a trend that will hopefully continue!

Kathy Reichs talks about Bones

In this article in the Calgary Herald Kathy Reichs talks about science and her role overseeing the Bones scripts. It's definitely not blithely rubber-stamping, that's for sure.

Ausiello Spoils: 100th Episode of Bones

Ausiello spoils on the premise for the 100th episode of Bones. He gives two major parts of the episode but no specific details. I don't think most of the anti-spoiler people would mind knowing that the episode will contain these two things because it actually tells you nothing you didn't already know about these characters, but if you are strictly "I want to know NOTHING!" then avoid, as always :)

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