Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Comparing Bones to Moonlighting, part 2

Last March, thanks largely to Milky, we had a great post here discussing how Bones truly compares to Moonlighting and The Thin Man.

If the subject interests you, I have been sent various links that extend the discussion nicely. They range from a few weeks to a few years old but together paint an interesting picture of the TV landscape and make a nice argument in favor of TV couples.

Slate - TV couples that take forever to hook up (does not directly mention Bones)

A. V. Club - 22 TV series NOT ruined when two characters hooked up

NPR - What really happened to Moonlighting?

NY Post - Drama Mama blurb post from a couple of weeks ago highlighting the chemistry between BB

UNC Chapel Hill rates Procedurals

The UNC Chapel Hill newspaper blog has a full list of TV show procedurals, breaking down the ones to try, ones to discard and the ones to keep (with some in-betweens). Guess which show tops the keepers list?

CSI? nope

NCIS? nope (though it's a close 2nd)

Bones is the keeper of all keepers, according to this author.

If “NCIS” is the best of CBS’s procedural dramas, “Bones” is the best procedural, period. Like “NCIS,” “Bones” has found that success lies in capitalizing on the supporting cast. The audience can appreciate every character on “Bones” because they are well written and amusing, and somehow manage to make terms like “calcium hydroxylapatite” pertinent to us. By focusing on the characters and their relationships, the hour feels more personable than any that CBS brings us. Plus, there’s always the guarantee of gross-out shots of decaying bodies!

The main draw of the show, however, is the sexual tension between Brennan (Emily Deschenal) and Booth (David Boreanaz), both of whom work the longing stare and hidden smiles well enough to create the best will-they-won’t-they dynamic this side of Ross and Rachel.

Bottom line: If you watch one procedural this season, let it be “Bones. (Just don’t watch while eating dinner. You will lose your appetite.)

Set pictures of David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel

WENN has a gallery of David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel on-set pictures. Kate (I think) posted this in comments. If you're strict on spoilers it does include on-location images so just be warned.

Eric Millegan: Living and Acting with Bipolar Disorder (part 1)

Jamie Frevele has written part 1 of a great 2 part series about Eric Millegan and his life with bi-polar disorder. Through interviews with both Eric Millegan and Hart Hanson she tells his story and gives you a heart-wrenching glimpse into what Eric's journey has been like.

Fox Video: Deep in the Institute

Thanks, Jeannie, for sharing the link to the new Fox behind the scenes Bones video "Deep in the Institute." I don't see any Youtube version yet on their channel or otherwise. It explains how they do some effects work, especially in the 'Egyptian Room."

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