Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fox Press Release: Upcoming Guest Star(s)

Fox has put out a separate press release for an upcoming Bones guest star and a returning favorite. Spoilers about that and a bit about an upcoming case.

Thanks, Jeannie!

Eric Millegan: Living and Acting with Bipolar Disorder (part 2)

Jamie Frevele has posted part 2 of her wonderful look into what Eric Millegan has been through as he learns to live with bi-polar disorder.

Part 1 here

How much is Castle really like Bones?

A couple of days ago Hart Hanson tweeted the this message:

My first reaction was to chuckle.

But that didn't last long. I actually love Castle. And Warehouse 13. And I missed the X-Files train but I like watching it too when I can. I used to watch Law and Order: SVU. And I love Sam and Jack from Stargate: SG-1. Heck, I even watched Moonlighting growing up!

Do I think Bones does it best? Definitely. Do I think Bones owns the rights, lock stock and barrel, to evil-fighting male/female partnerships? No.

What makes the Castle/Bones comparisons so persistent? If you actually watch the show do you think to yourself "I'm watching the same thing I do on Thursdays?" I know I don't. I am just curious what people use to define the idea that these two shows are exactly the same and that Bones 'did it first' so why watch part deux?

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