Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today's Chatter Post, @harthanson edition

Talk about anything you want, Bones or not.

Remember, only 2 rules

  • Keep it clean
  • No spoilers
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Question for this one:

I see in the Episode Discussion for "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken" that people wonder how to let Hart Hanson know their feelings on certain plot-lines.

Of course, there is Twitter. But that has it's limitations.

There is also Ask Fox, but that too has it's limitations and often seems to be more geared toward canned responses on schedule issues and the like instead of really transferring information back and forth.

Occasionally, those with the connections to interview him directly offer up fans the chance to add their own questions. But, those opportunities are rare and whether your question is asked is completely up to the interviewer.

I offer this post as an 'open letter'. I offer you no guarantees whatsoever that it will even hit his radar, much less that he will read it. It can't hurt though, right? :)

The only thing I ask is that you try to be respectful and please do NOT include any fan-fiction like plot desires. He can't read them for legal reasons - no exceptions.

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