Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bones Reruns Trump Dollhouse Ratings

I'm not sure where Dollhouse ratings stand in the latest episodes, but I am pretty sure it is half, at best, of the 4 million Bones can pull on a Friday night.


9:00 NBC Law & Order 1.9/6 8.41

CBS Medium 1.8/6 7.58

ABC Ugly Betty 1.3/4 4.76

FOX Bones (R) 1.2/4 4.09

CW America’s Next Top Model (R) 0.5/2 1.15

PS. I am catching up on reviews. My review for "A Night at the Bones Museum" is actually done, but will be up in the morning if all goes well. Just checking on a few things with a friend!

The Mighty Macs

David Boreanaz's movie Our Lady of Victory has undergone some changes as it attempts to get closer to an actual release. It is now known as The Mighty Macs. As some have said, that's is unfortunately close to The Mighty Ducks. You can view a trailer on the movie website. There are several DB scenes throughout.

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