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Favorite Quotes: The Dwarf in the Dirt

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Dwarf in the Dirt.

What Song was that in... The Dwarf in the Dirt?

If you have a question about any of the music from tonight's Bones episode "The Dwarf in the Dirt," post them here so they don't get lost in the episode discussion.

Main Bones Music Post

Here is the last song -
Glass Pear - My Ghost

Episode Discussion: The Dwarf in the Dirt

Tonight's episode is:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 7
The Dwarf in the Dirt

Please, please, PLEASE -


Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!

Behind the Scenes Cast Photos

EW has an on-line photo spread of 15 behind the scenes photos from the December 3rd episode of Bones. The only picture with a spoiler is #5, which shows some re-enactment of the crime evidence by Hodgins and Cam. I don't think it will ruin anyone's day.

There are lots of great tidbits below each picture as well, such as this one:

Boreanaz pretty much chooses Booth's wardrobe. The trench coat is ''the staple homage to McQueen in Bullitt,'' he says. Seeley's ''cocky'' belt buckle was actually a Christmas present Boreanaz received from his acting coach, Ivana Chubbuck, a few years ago. ''When I first wore it, the studio flipped out, and they used to have to erase cocky from the belt buckle,'' he says. ''And now, they love it. It's a plot point. Go figure.''
Thanks, Robyn, for the link!

Happy Bonesday!

Tonight's Bones episode is "The Dwarf in the Dirt" and you can find pictures, descriptions, clips, and even spoilers under the tag here on the blog.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern. As we have been doing this season, you can start posting in it right away as a pure "Episode Discussion" thread when it goes up if you saw it last night. If you just can't wait, remember there is always the spoiler post!

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