Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Day Bones Marathon

Thank you Kathleen for this heads-up. TNT will be running a mini-marathon of Bones on Christmas day, from 12 noon until 8pm. It's a mix of seasons, withthe last 2 episodes being the 1st and 3rd season Christmas Bones episodes: The Man in the Fallout Shelter and Santa in the Slush.


12pm: The Blonde in the Game
1pm: The Truth in the Lye
2pm: The Girl in Suite 2103
3pm: The Girl with the Curl
4pm: The Woman in the Sand
5pm: Aliens in a Spaceship
6pm: The Man in the Fallout Shelter
7pm: Santa in the Slush

David Boreanaz at a Baseball game

Courtesy of SpoilerTV, here are 3 videos of David Boreanaz watching baseball. Includes a cute bit of Jaden too.

Hart's a hot writer

The Flick Chicks have deemed Hart Hanson their first hot writer of the week.

Hart Hanson

Best known as Creator and Showrunner of Bones. He’s a proud papa, family man, the creator/writer of a show that keeps the juices flowing for all who watch, a funny twitterer, and must be cool because he’s from Oakville (Toronto) Canada. (ed. note: I know a more than a few people from Oakville–they are all crazy cool.) Plus, people….his name is Hart (awwwww)!

Check out the rest of the reasons at their website.

Fox has such a spiffy commissary

Wonder if the food is as nice? I am not so sure when it looks like Barry Josephson is peppering his coffee!

Source: @harthanson, Twitpic

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