Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What is the Best Episode of Bones Season 5 (so far)?

I've added two new polls on the right that go hand in hand:

Best Episode of Bones Season 5 (so far)


Favorite Episodes of Bones Season 5 (so far)

The reason for two separate polls is to try to pick one winner but also see what episodes are well-liked so far. You can pick multiple choices in the 2nd poll.

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Previous Poll:

What do you think of Angela and Wendell?

Love it!
270 (16%)
Hate it!
179 (10%)
She needed someone, anyone
126 (7%)
She should be with Hodgins
822 (49%)
Sweet start
179 (10%)
Did she just take money for sex?
128 (7%)
Fling, no ring!
212 (12%)
Hope it's over quickly
246 (14%)
I feel bad for Hodgins
408 (24%)
Makes no sense
193 (11%)
She should be with Booth
15 (0%)
She should be with Sweets
22 (1%)
Wendell should be with Cam
60 (3%)
Don't care what happens with them
84 (5%)
32 (1%)

Votes so far: 1657
Poll closed

It seems that the most important player in that couple is... Hodgins.

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