Saturday, December 19, 2009

I can always post about babies!

Marissa Coughlan, aka Agent We-Never-Want-To-See-You-Again-MmKay? (no hard feelings?), has an adorable little boy!

Thanks, Alanna, for the link.

Emily and Zooey talk to Sky1

Sky1 has a great Q&A with the Deschanel sisters. There are no spoilers, since the episode already aired here. More of the great sisterly banter, however, and a little more insight into their relationship.

Again, sorry for being behind right now. But 6 Christmas events in 8 days, plus, you know, life, does keep one busy :)

Vote for Bones/Emily Deschanel

Sorry I am behind during this busy family Christmas time! :)

If you remember, Kristen at E! did an Alpha Male Madness tournament last March. She's now setting up a new tournament match-up, this time with the girls.

Voting involves massive group lists and you can find Temperance Brennan deep in Group 4. She's currently eeking out a win with 12.9% of the vote for that group. Every little nudge helps!

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