Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TV Guide Fans Best Shows of 2009

TVGuide starts off their "Best" list from fans with THE Best... Bones! :)


"Best show of the year. Most improved ratings, most underrated actors, great writers, multifaceted characters, and plenty of ick!" — dnowakowski

The Royal Diner, Wide Shot

Here's a wide shot looking at the Royal Diner on the city street set of the Fox lot.

Sources: @harthanson, Twitpic

Nailing Down The Boreanaz

Hart Hanson recently tweeted about having a director's meeting with David Boreanaz, who will be taking the helm for the upcoming 100th episode of Bones.

Bones/Chippendales JibJab

Who knew JibJab now let you insert faces into quick shorts? Hart Hanson linked this fun Bones-y dance video recently on his Twitter.

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Some of them appear in a co-ed, fully (and festively) clothed Elf version as well.

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