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Bones Promo: The Devil in the Details

"The Devil in the Details" will be our last new Bones episode until April. Here's hoping it's got something good to tide us over!

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Favorite Quotes: The Dentist in the Ditch

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Dentist in the Ditch.

What Song was that in... The Dentist in the Ditch?

If you have a question about any of the music from tonight's Bones episode "The Dentist in the Ditch," post them here so they don't get lost in the episode discussion.

Episode Discussion - The Dentist in the Ditch

Episode discussion for:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 13
The Dentist in the Ditch

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Happy Bonesday!

Happy Bones-day! "The Dentist in the Ditch" looks like it might be a lighter episode. But we know how honest the promos are!

Lots to watch/look/read under the tag here on the blog, if you haven't already perused the spoilers.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern.


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100th Episode of Bones - Party Time

Those close to Bones have been posting many pictures and tweetie tidbits about the Bones 100th episode behind the scenes celebration. Here are just a few of them...

Press, Press, Press
Cast with the Cake

Sources: @harthanson, @squarechicken, @marisaroffman, and others

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Bones Episode Review: 5.12 "The Proof in the Pudding"

"The Proof in the Pudding" has turned out to be a surprise hit for the season with Bones fans. I really had no pre-conceived notion of how this episode would unfold, which gave me ample latitude for both positive and negative reactions.

Like "The Santa in the Slush," at least for some people, this is not an episode you want to pick apart. I, however, am expected to do just that and I actually have no qualms about doing so in this respect.

I really don't have anything negative to say, character-wise. I do not think everything in this episode ran smoothly though. The lock-down, for one thing, felt uncomfortably forced, like no one involved actually wanted to be doing it. I think Mr. White should have been a little tougher, a little less approachable, a little more G-Man. I would have preferred for this to be even more contained in the team. Let what they're working against be irrelevant, not so vague and untenable. Throughout the episode my dislike of that aspect of the story kept me on edge and disliking the entire plot (again, nothing character-wise). What was really bothering me didn't click until they flashed the news message that the hearings were called off and JFK would not be exhumed. Then it was like "OK, the JFK aspect was great!" and I knew that the lock-down, and associated strings, should bear the brunt of my dislike.

I like the lock-down idea. It makes sense that the government wouldn't go into something like publicly without already knowing the outcome, but I don't completely like how they executed it.

The JFK aspect, as a whole, was very well done I think. I had a personal problem with continually trying to make assumptions about this case. Blame the million and one movies/shows/documentaries that examine the assassination. (History channel junkies unite!). I probably could have enjoyed it a little better as a fictional assassinated leader or something, but that's OK. I think it had to be JFK for the character side of this episode to develop.

More about each below, but I will say that I agree with the assertion that this is much more like a season 1 episode. It's all about the team. They stick together, they connive together, they lie together, and they solve murders together. You can't lock any of them out of the team, literally or figuratively.


Cam: I was going to, but there was real work that needed doing.

Professionally, does anyone appreciate Sweets? They are happy to run to him for interrogations or personal problems but ridicule him at every turn when he needs something.

Did anyone else find him surprisingly suave and in the face of the lock-down? He acted much older, more professional, and more calm than he usually does when he called Booth. Okay, not exactly calm, but it was a calculated action to contact Booth and it surprised me that he was the one to do it.

Booth: What do you want, Sweets, I'm working out, building up a sweat.

Liar, liar! Since when does Booth need an excuse not to talk to Sweets? It's just indicative of the lack of respect they show him. I don't even have to tell you the truth about why I don't want to talk to you!

Booth: Can you talk? Is anyone else there?
Sweet: Only the good guys.

Booth: Attaboy Sweets, attaboy.

Only, Booth has discounted all of Sweet's contributions, effectively. The only thing Sweets has on him is that he's actually there while Booth is not. And we know that's about to be rectified...

Sweets: It just feels like a test.

I guess he gets closer than anyone to the truth, at least at that point, but none of them are the subjects of the test: Science is the subject. Science wins, and the public loses.

Cam - I'm not crazy. I'm... not.... crazy.

Angela: What makes Cam crazy?
Hodgins: When I do experiments.
Angela: And?
Hodgins: Michelle.

Cam: Fire in the hole ... HODGINS!!
Cam: I'm not really the good solider type.

Nope, and that's why she got the job.

Hodgins: I never knew you could yell like that
Brennan: She scared the guards
Hodgins: I find that so hot.

Cam: You are so cheering me up right now.

Cam: Is there any way I can just persuade you to look at these remains and guess cause of death?
Brennan: Guess?
Cam: I need to get home to kill Michelle

If they'd only gotten Daisy in on the speculation they could have covered everyone. I am very glad it wasn't Michelle.
1 - that would have felt like a cop-out. We would only care about Michelle's pregnancy through the lens of Cam.
2 - she's 16!

Cam: We don't do half truth here.

Cam: You're a good person. I will never forget what you did for him.

What's that get Brennan? Is she fully passing the Booth baton to Brennan? Can Brennan get more 'free passes'?


I have to say that in one episode I could suddenly relate to her and LOVED the turn her character took. I was incredibly happy to see her admit Wendell was "not the right guy". That felt like a huge revelation for her character, to be the one to see the whole truth and take the emotional high road instead of just hiding. Yes, the false pregnancy test was a weak plot point for this all to stand on. As someone who has taken a lot of pregnancy tests and read about them and researched...false positives are stupid-rare. For the most part, the test has to be borked. False negatives - very common. False positives - no. Am I giving them a grudging pass because of all the great aspects that followed it? Yes. (until Cam says she retested the sample... from a home pee-on-a-stick test....argh)

Something I didn't pay much attention to the first time is how Angela and Cam's relationship seems to be firmly boss-employee. They are friendly enough but there was absolutely no confiding going on when Angela claimed the test to Cam. She was simply being nice enough to end Cam's frantic worry over Michelle. That done, out she went.

She immediately then goes to tell Hodgins and the mood is totally different. She truly is confiding in Hodgins, as well as placing him above Wendell in the pecking order of her life. Again, pregnancy test - weak, results and revelations - good.

Angela: You're linked through another human being. A soul.

Hodgins - This is America, baby. We can conjecture all we want.

Sweet and heartbreaking at once. I adored him stepping up to say "I'm your guy." It was beautiful and sweet and brought back the spirit of the man who has been crazy about her for years, expensive perfume and all. It was as if he simply could not hold back the tide any longer when he saw her need. How could you not grin when he said those things?

Sure, you also kind of want to say "you're too good for her", but that didn't last too long for me. I think Angela needs unconditional love, just as she needed to be set free in order to agree to his proposal in Season 2. In these moments, the latitude he gives her is perfect. If he would only stand up for himself the rest of the time, and not just 'yes dear' himself into the ground at every turn I would have loved their relationship all along.

Hodgins: I'm your guy... I love you... I wanna help you in whatever way I can... I'm here for you, and for the baby, in whatever role you need.

Hodgins: That must be a big relief. Everything goes back to normal... how it was before....

Aww. Maybe it won't. Will this spark a turn toward growing up, settling down, and maturity for Angela? She's so sophisticated and progressive but she also seems so alone, emotionally.

Hodgins: How do we know these guys aren't terrorists?
Booth: They're standard federal issue agents
Hodgins: Standard federal issue cover up
Angela: This is the first time I've been as paranoid as Hodgins.
Booth: You're FBI property. If anyone's going to lock you up it's going to be me.

I love conspiracy Hodgins.

Cam: You look like you're about to explode... Hodgins, you're vibrating.

Hodgins: It's naive of us to imagine that Kennedy's remains were actually ever interred at Arlington.

Booth: Was Hodgins the first to say it was JFK? ... Then it's not JFK.

Hodgins: Since this was based on the official record we can't believe it.

Hodgins: The highest form of patriotism is to be skeptical of the official truth.

Sweets: Ok. I'm going to say something that's going to make you think I'm as paranoid as Hodgins.

Hodgins: Nice job with Bush and the whole flying show incident. I want to compliment you on that one.

Is this the ultimate experience? Normally they are 2-person deals, but he's got everyone but Angela involved - even Booth - in this one. I think that definitely makes him King of the Lab. (It also REALLY highlights the team aspect of this episode.)

Brennan: You know who can do jibberjabber? Me!

How cute was Brennan volunteering to jibberjabber and Booth looking so proud and happy of her?

Booth & Brennan

Brennan: Seeing patterns where none exist is a symptom of schzophrenia

How adorable is this wooing? He brings her food and they have a cute nonsense discussion where she just barely stops short of crushing his inner boy.

And Booth gets to show off his mad skillz. Too bad the audience has absolutely no clue...

Brennan: You're holding a home pregnancy test. I assume it's positive and you're worried about losing the most important person in this lab.
Cam: No, very modest...

Modest, indeed. Nice revelation that Brennan has not been sexually active in some time, either... Keep it that way! Please, no more Brennan tramples Booth plots! Please?!?

Cam: Dr Brennan doesn't make life choices without a Boolean flow-chart.

Cam: I'm not as good as you at doing what I'm told.
Brennan: Thank you.

Once again, Booth has an adversary (non-criminal) who is taller and bigger than he is. Of course the bigger part is getting easier and easier, skinny man, but he still has a large presence. And yet he must look up at Mr. White.

Booth: Why'd you lock up my people?
Mr. White: They're not actually your people

Oh yes they are.

Hacker: You mind telling me why it's so important that you get in there?
Booth: They're my people.


Hacker: Not stopping you is not the same as helping you. But I will help after, when you're in some non-existent CIA prison.

When Hacker gets to develop his own personality, and not just be the puppy dog after Brennan, I actually like him. This is playing slightly more toward Dietrich Bader's strengths, and he's a much more interesting character.

Hacker: Oh God. Now you're going to prove that you're a better man than I am too, that you care more about your people? How am I going to get anywhere with Temperance if you keep making me look bad in comparison?

His annoyance at "their arrogance" is kind of endearing though.

I have to admit I was disappointed in how the Booth-shoots-the-glass scene played out in the episode. The marketing department made it look WAY cooler. It turned out to be only a small part of a more humorous scene. Another instance where expectations lessened my enjoyment unnecessarily.

His point is quickly apparent - he's not there because his people are there. He's there because his Bones is there...

Mr. White: How'd you get past the guards?
Booth: Sniper training. They trained me to walk really, really quiet.
Mr. White: You are now restricted to the building, of course.
Booth: Damn. Who saw that coming.

Booth: You want to try me instead of some big-mouth scientist?

The whole line about Booth's career in law enforcement being over was also a big nothing. I'm tempted to swear off promos. They made it look like a big to-do when it was a throw away line as an empty threat. Mr. White didn't even show any passion behind it.

Cam: Big man always comes through.

Then Booth actually does the butt-kicking the promo promised.

Sweets: That was totally ninja. Maybe some anger issues there. But you kicked ass.

Brennan: Being the best doesn't mean being perfect.

That's kind of a funny comment for her to make.

When it comes to Booth and the government lying...

Brennan: Why do you know so much about the Kennedy assassination?
Booth: Bones, I'm a trained sniper. How quickly you forget.

Booth: Two shooters. You know what that proves to me? That those remains are not John F Kennedy.... If it was him, he was killed by two gunmen. And if he was killed by two gunmen, then the government lied.

I think the John Wilkes Booth tie-in should have been left out. I know they've always intended that connection to be made, but it really clouded the issue here, I think. Sure, he doesn't want to be linked with that, but I think his issues are far more current than a long-dead ancestor, even an infamous one.

Booth: Bones... You promised you would never mention that
Brennan: You told me not to. I never promised. I promise now. I promise now!

I think the civilian house in combat was more a case of an individual cover up. The real reason this case hits home I think is the sniper aspect. He killed a lot of people on orders and I don't think he wanted to be associated with someone who may have killed JFK on orders. It would make him question every single one of those kills and he's already got more than enough guilt about them. He NEEDS to believe they were justified.

The fact that Brennan is willing to lie to protect Booth in this respect is both unbelievably sweet, and meaningful. The lines are continuing to blur between his heart and her brain. Neither completely owns their concept anymore. She's getting a bit of heart, he's showing more brain (thank God - he really shouldn't be portrayed as dumbly as he often has been shown)... ever closer they draw in their painstaking, beautiful, heart stopping dance.

Booth: You kept looking because of me. Thanks, Bones.

That was a GOOD hug :)

Booth: I was able to take those guys down because they were not working as a team.

And his 'people' most certainly were working as a team!

Angela: You do realize that, all these tests, everybody failed.
Brennan: Not me! I figured out the truth.

Brennan's definition of 'team' sometimes needs a little tweaking...

It's endearing to see both Angela and Hodgins and Brennan and Booth walk off with arms linked. Foreshadowing?

Brennan: I'm very impressed. You wanted the truth even if it was going to hurt you
Booth: I learned that from you
Brennan: Really?
Booth: Sometimes you have to go with your brain over your gut
Brennan: That's nice, but I'd prefer you ALWAYS go with your brain over your gut

Blurring lines, blurring lines...

TJ Thyne Commercial to be Featured

If you've never seen one of T.J. Thyne's many commercials, you are missing out. He has been a part of some great ones. One of those will soon be featured in a special highlighting some of the best Super Bowl Commercials of all time. Check it out:

You can see more of his commercials at the YouTube channel fansofTJThyne.

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Bones Ratings: The Proof in the Pudding

JFK did Bones some good, it seems? "The Proof in the Pudding" pulled in 11.4m, with a 3.4 18-49 rating. That's a nice jump from the previous week, and a great jump from the fall.

Source: TVBytheNumbers

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (Millions)

8:00 FOX Bones 3.4 10 11.435

CBS The Big Bang Theory (repeat) 2.1 6 6.901

NBC Community 2.1 6 4.733

ABC The Deep End (premiere) 1.8 5 7.106

CW Vampire Diaries 1.6 5 3.624

8:30 FOX Bones 3.7 10 12.420

CBS The Big Bang Theory (repeat) 2.4 7 7.483

NBC Parks & Recreation 2.0 5 4.347

ABC The Deep End (premiere) 1.8 5 7.037

CW Vampire Diaries 1.6 4 3.754

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Bones Promo: The Dentist in the Ditch

Tonight's promo for the next Bones episode, "The Dentist in the Ditch."

Spoilers: TJ Thyne Explaining the 100th episode

Definite spoilers in this Fox video where TJ Thyne explains the 100th episode of Bones (airing in April).

Favorite Quotes: The Proof in the Pudding

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Proof in the Pudding.

What Song was that in... The Proof in the Pudding?

If you have a question about any of the music from tonight's Bones episode "The Proof in the Pudding," post them here so they don't get lost in the episode discussion.

Episode Discussion - The Proof in the Pudding

Episode discussion for:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 12
The Proof in the Pudding

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Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!

Happy Bonesday!

Happy Bones-day! "The Proof in the Pudding" seems to be a very intense episode! Lots to watch/look/read under the tag here on the blog, if you haven't already perused the spoilers.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern.


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Episode Stills: The Devil in the Details

You can view still photos for the Bones episode "The Devil in the Details" here. Spoiler warning as always.

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Ausiello: 2 Bits

Ausiello talks about a spoiler/question and a general question about Brennan. You can visit the page to see the spoiler, but here's the other for you non-spoiler people (sorta spoiler but more about what you won't see anytime soon:

Question: What happened to Brennan’s maternal instincts on Bones? —Ed
She’s still got ‘em! “You can’t un-ring a bell,” says e.p. Stephen Nathan. “That’s something she will always come back to. It won’t be a major focus for the rest of this season, but it’s something that we will revisit.”
PS. I fixed the recent comments on the left sidebar.

Miss this look?

Bones, going retro:

Sources: @harthanson, twitpic

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Bones Episode Review: 5.11 "The X in the File"

As someone pointed out, spoilers do spoil in more ways than one. There was a lot of hype about the X-files cameo, the aliens, the possibility of some BB coziness in the desert...

And none of it really panned out.

I think that if you came into this episode unspoiled you probably loved it. I missed the X-Files boat, for no real reason, so that aspect of the show didn't bother me at all. I do hate that I read a tease about BB getting cozier in the desert though......if they meant the end scene they need to reconsider what 'cozy' means to fans in regards to these two, and any other TV couple.

I did see some X-files, however, and I felt like the opener was a great spoof of the spooky X-files scenes. It was a great Bones-y take on the desert night, discovering the body, and the eyes in the dark.

Brennan: It's a cell phone
Booth: You hope

Wendell: Perhaps there was a lot of green radiation from alien hyperdrive systems... or something not... crazy

Aliens do make people a little crazy. Some of the spoofs may have seemed silly but I have a feeling that none of them were that far of a stretch for the truly alien-obsessed.

I do wish that Dean Haglund had been better utilized. I think he got far too little screen time and not enough interesting personality to him. He just comes across as a slick salesman of the alien idea.

Side beefs
1) mistake, mistake! They 'discover' the Mexican evidence twice. Oops!
2) they make Roswell seem a hop and a skip from Mexico

Side yay - Hooray for the DB senior shout-out!


SJB: Sheriff Jerry Bonds, but you probably got that from my shiny badge, my imposing hat, and my big gun

SJB: I'm not going to take the heat when people scream I sent an alien off to Washington for secret testing. I've been through that before.

SJB: The Freedom of Information Act is not a magic spell

I do love it when the locals have color and stand up for themselves. He upstaged Booth more than once (worked well with him too!) and really made me laugh.

Brennan: That man is very useful in certain situations.

SJB: I gotta get better at frisking

SJB: You got the right to shut the hell up, Blaine. Killing that poor crazy woman for her video.


I liked Delmy too. Maybe because I blog, and she got no respect! :)

Booth: Important blogger. Talk about an oxymoron.

Delmy: Definitely FBI. I can smell the suit.

And, probably because, like the Sheriff, she had a real personality.


Meh. I think it pays homage to the X-files, Bones style. However, it just loses something in the translation to Bones. You get no sense of the danger that even a casual watcher of the X-Files picked up upon. It comes across as more of a 'wrong place, wrong time' kind of death. I just didn't really care about the victim or the illegal dumping (it's such a used plot that it need something to make it fresh and it wasn't there). The focus on the alien watchers instead of the aliens was perfect for Bones. Overall I just didn't find it strong or compelling as a scientific case. It was nice to see Brennan stumped, clearly admitting she had no idea why the adipocere was so hard, but otherwise nothing stood out.

Wendell & Angela

Cam: Save it Mr Bray. You think you have a big secret, but you don't.

Is it wishful thinking, selfishness, or just obliviousness that makes Angela think Hodgins would be OK with this. She just discovered a year old tattoo on him of her face. I think her reaction to the lunch, as Wendell gets ready to go, says that it was just wishful thinking. Facing him, and dealing with the associated emotions she knows are present (for both of them) is the last thing she wants to do.

Was anyone else extremely uncomfortable hearing Angela offer to take Wendell to the Egyptian room? That is the Hodgela room!

It greatly endears me to Wendell to see him so concerned for Hodgins. Angela is blowing it off (at least at first, and it's more of a self-protection mechanism than anything as it brings back a lot of stuff *she* really isn't dealing with either), but he really does care what Hodgins will think. It makes me wonder what he might have done if Hodgins balked. Who would he have chosen?

I see some people saying that they see no chemistry between Wendell and Angela. What I see is zero emotional connection. Nada. They are attracted to each other but there's absolutely nothing deeper. Do they have anything in common BUT Hodgins? That leads me to think this simply won't last. There's no basis for it after the initial flame. What would keep them together.

I'm on team Hodgins.... IF there's some Angela heartfelt changes for Angela in the works.

Another note - I make no secret that I find it extremely hard to relate to Angela and in many respects I actively dislike some of her choices. But I love it when she brings out such honest responses as what she tells Wendell when he kisses her in the diner:

Angela: I'm not really OK with being kissed when it's not about me.

Wendell: Angela, the balls are rattling but your head is still intact!
Angela: Call that thing by my name one more time, I dare you.

I don't really think Wendell will be hurt if he and Angela end. I think he would be far more hurt of he lost Hodgins' friendship.

Wendell: I think it's always a little more complicated than it looks.

Even after the melon experiment, Angela doesn't think there's still a problem there?


Hodgins: I might be able to identify the manufacturer and intended use, which I imagine was not murder.

When I polled you guys at the start of the Angela/Wendell relationship the biggest concern people had was how it would affect Hodgins. I actually worried for a moment they truly were going to make him OK with this (talk about being 'in the moment' as a fan) but I am very glad they didn't. This guy took it hard when they broke up and I've never felt like he was over it. He's not really the kind of guy who lets things slide. (Remember his dirt rant?!) I hope this is the catalyst for something good for him, in some form, but if it is some type of turning point toward getting him back with Angela (that's not a spoiler, I don't know anything!) I do hope he is not the only one who makes personal changes along the way.

Hodgins: There was a time when I thought Angela and I would be together forever.

The melons experiment is somewhat funny, but seriously disturbing! It's almost too far for me, though the concept is good. I think because it's so close in on them? The pictures are so big and lifelike? I don't know. I liked Hodgins maniacal joy at making Angela squirm, and Wendell's completely oblivious enthusiasm, but I didn't like the actual experiment.

Hodgins: Alright, so the paintball gun ball bearing didn't have enough force to get through my skull
Angela: That's too bad
Wendell: I'm next
Hodgins: I'll shoot you... Whoa! That was way too much damage. That blew your head clear off.
Wendell (starting to see): You and Dr Saroyan are still in the running

At least they didn't focus heavily on the 'kill' of Angela. I guess they are emphasizing that he doesn't want to hurt Angela, but would love to take a swing at Wendell for bedding his girl. Another point towards a future reconciliation?

Hodgins: That was fun... wanna do it again?


Cam: He's one taco short of a combo platter.

Wendell (laughing): Dr Brennan dealing with flesh...
Hodgins: ... it's like a cat dealing with water.

Cam, and maybe Booth, are probably the only people who could get Brennan to deal in flesh.

She's so cute doing it too.

Brennan: I did it!
Cam: Very good Dr. Brennan
Brennan: Yes, it was

Cam is such a motivational leader now that she doesn't have to browbeat them anymore. (Please, please - never take her back to that!)


Sweets: I can help you with your interrogation (love that the suspect hears Sweets)
Sweets: Sometimes I think you just pull me into these interrogations to show off (slam)

Sweets was nicely perceptive of the H/W/A triangle.

Sweets: This is a fraught situation. It's important to face these things head on.

Hodgins: You were right, Sweets. Everything is not fine.... I don't know if I want to crawl in a hole and die or run over Wendell and Angela with a truck.

Sweets knows when he's really needed. He's one of the good guys. It's not a good time but, sure, it's a good time. It doesn't hurt that this gives him further 'ins' with the crew, and that it's Hodgins coming to him, instead of pushing him away and putting him down. I think Sweets could do some Angela good too. The 6 month hiatus didn't seem to do much.

Hodgins: I want to not be filled with anger, pain, and resentment.
Sweets: Do you want Angela back?

I'm not sure he knows the answer to that.

Hodgins: Just smile and act like a good guy?
Sweets: You are a good guy


Brennan: Any alien visiting this planet would have sufficient evidence not to die in the middle of the desert

Booth: Earth female?

Brennan: I have no idea why it's so hard.

That's casual talk for her.

Booth: You want it, right?

Whether she wants it or not is the determining factor...

Brennan: You got here just in the time for the good stuff
Booth: For future reference, that's not the good stuff.

Booth losing his gun to the MRI machine was one of my favorite moments. He's heroic as he steps up to protect her, but he's also real and tangible. As always, I love that Booth isn't the perfect macho man who never puts a foot in the wrong place.

Booth: I won't say anything about the scream if you don't say anything about the gun
Brennan: Those terms are satisfactory

I love the running alien discussion throughout this episode between these two. There is a lot of back and forth with their hypotheticals and questions. Booth even gets to add a bit to Brennan's cockroach idea with:

Booth: Plus, they have extra arms.

And Brennan looks genuinely impressed. I enjoy seeing their lines blurred. There's no uncompromising sectioning between their ideas. They can build upon each other even in such light discussions. Just one more (little) way they continue to learn from each other.

Booth: That... is magic.
Brennan: Science

Correction aside, I think she enjoyed seeing Booth do something squint-y.

Brennan: Then it would be a duck, not a spaceship, so your point escapes me.

Brennan: You say "I guess" but you mean "I don't think so."

Brennan: He is a moron, you are definitely a moron! Not literally, figuratively. it's very satisfying to use an insulting colloquialism even when it isn't accurate.
Booth: It's even better when they resist arrest and you get to hit em.

I know the end scene was not the blazing romantic moment people hoped for but I think it's enough. That is an extremely romantic setting and it is intentional on Booth's part to put them into it. It's a BB-in-the-dinner-at-the-end scene with no one else to bother them. The world has retreated while the vast night sky stretches above them. Sure, unless you can shut off her brain and mouth for a bit with sex, it will never be a purely romantic moment with Brennan. Her brain doesn't work that way. Every date we see her take, she's chattering constantly. Did Booth intend to make a move? I don't know. Would it have been a good time? Yes! I still found it sweet and intimate, if a little frustrating. He just wants her to look up at the sky and she has to argue about aliens.

Booth: You just said that aliens are nice... you just basically said aliens are nice Anthropologists. You think aliens are you.

(Love the call out to Emily telling Zooey she was an alien as kids)

While there was no overtly squee-worthy moment in this episode, I found a host of 'intimacies' in addition to the end scene to enjoy between the characters. He pushes to get the case for Brennan, he's worried about her in the hospital, he pulls a gun to protect her, she 'gets' his meaning as the opposite of what he said, she is a bit upset the Sheriff upstages Booth when they close in on the killer....

On top of all those moments, the banter is great. It's not as angst-ridden as it used to be, but I think that's honest. They are far from working out their differences, but they have been working together for more than 5 years. My husband and I have known each other nearly 9 years and been married more than 4.... we will happily banter about the same topics purely platonic friends discuss. It doesn't mean they are too casual if they don't spend every moment discussing something controversial and divisive.

We are so incredibly 'in the moment' when it comes to Booth and Brennan that we often lose sight of the bigger picture. One of the reasons I enjoy Bones is that it's so 'real'. They find humor in the midst of heartbreak and death. They forge friendships and relationships in midst of a lot of pain but they don't let it overwhelm who they really are. In the same sense, it's not just 'all sex' or 'all friend' or 'all googly eyes'. At any one moment you can catch a glimpse of all 3, or just 1. It's realistic to see all the aspects of companionship wrapped up in these two - it's what makes them such a great couple. Too often TV flashes relationships hot, but down such limited, narrow pathways. Booth and Brennan traverse them all and that's what makes them great.

That's why we care. That's why we sit every week hoping this will be the week they cross the line. This will be the week Brennan gives Booth a glimmer of hope. This will be the week they both get it at the same time, and that they act on it. This week we will see a kiss, a touch, a look that doesn't just stop at a look. THIS week it will FINALLY HAPPEN!

Alas, it hasn't, it doesn't, and who knows when it will. But I will be there. And I will give a big smile, and a loud cheer!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Spoiler Photo for the 100th episode: Casting

Great photo detailing something in store for the 100th episode of Bones. Spoiler warning for the casting.

Source: @harthanson

Bones Ratings: The X in the File

Bones was up in ratings with "The X in the File."

With limited broadcast competition, Bones ratings hit a season high... Fox enjoyed an up night, as Bones was up 6% from its last original episode (12/10/09) to a 3.3 rating, a season high, and its highest rating since 11/12/08
Source: TVBytheNumbers

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (Millions)

8:00 FOX Bones 3.2 10 10.260

NBC Community 2.3 7 5.418

CBS The Mentalist (repeat) 1.8 5 9.093

ABC Haiti News Special 1.3 4 5.517

CW Vampire Diaries (repeat) 0.7 2 1.730

Promo: The Proof in the Pudding

Last night's promo for next week's Bones: The Proof in the Pudding

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Favorite Quotes: The X in the File

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The X in the File.

What Song was that in... The X in the File?

If you have a question about any of the music from tonight's Bones episode "The X in the File," post them here so they don't get lost in the episode discussion.

Episode Discussion - The X in the File

Tonight's episode is:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 11
The X in the File

Please, please, PLEASE -


Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!

The X in the File: Clips

Here are 3 clips for tonight's Bones episode: The X in the File

Sources: SpoilerTV, TVOverMind

Case information

Extended clip of the scream scene from the promo

Case spoilers + a little character stuff with BB

Happy 1st Bonesday of 2010!

Happy first Bones-day of 2010! "The X in the File" looks like a quirky, fun episode! There's a lot of information about this episode out there and lots to watch/look/read under the tag here on the blog, if you haven't already perused the spoilers.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern. There won't be any spoiler warnings tonight, or for this post, as it appears the early airings in Canada are over.


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Episode Stills: The Dentist in the Ditch

I've uploaded the available stills for the January 28th Bones episode "The Dentist in the Ditch." You can view the album here.

Episode Description: The Dentist in the Ditch

You can read the press-release, with spoilerific episode description, about the January 28th Bones episode, "The Dentist in the Ditch" over at The Futon Critic.

MegaBuzz: BB this Season

TVGuide's MegaBuzz discusses current spoiler rumors from TCA. Not much new. Talks a bit about tomorrow's Bones episode, "The X in the File."

Bones Episode Review: 5.10 "The Goop on the Girl"

The meaning and spirit of Christmas, Vol 3.

There are so many themes and threads to this episode that I have had a very hard time organizing my thoughts. I apologize for any scattered thoughts, but am happy to be caught up!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I would have thought by now that Brennan would be less inclined to run from Christmas, but I guess she still had a lot to learn.

Brennan: If I stay, then there will be two of us alone. Which is twice as pitiful
Max: Well that's interesting math.

Brennan: Why do people hate to spend Christmas alone?
Max: Because it means nobody loves them.

Brennan seems genuinely uncomfortable at that statement. This is the 3rd Christmas where she has been thrust into fellowship during the holiday from which she most wants to escape. I think she's running out of excuses! She's dealt with parental abandonment, Max, and now her inner 'lone wolf' desires. (And we can only guess what happened on the Christmases in between.) Each time, though, (at least in V2 and V3) she ends up giving up her own desires for those she cares about. She really doesn't get enough credit for the gestures.

This year, she has genuinely embraced at least some aspects of the holiday, though I don't believe that she truly understands them.

The Case - He's an exterminator. By definition he hurts flies

Christmas may get ruined for others emotionally but, well, you can't compete with Santa's level of suck here.

Booth: Maybe you should think about saying something worth hearing.

Booth: When I say heartbreaking, you say that the heart is a muscle so it can't break. It can only get crushed.
Brennan: Isn't it heart crushing?
Booth: You want to go to his funeral?
Brennan: yes, I would. Then she won't be alone.
Booth: You know what, Bones, sometimes I think your heart muscle is bigger than some people give you credit for.

While Santa's life was sad in so many ways, it was a great way to show the big heart muscle in each of them. They could be involved in their own pursuits, but they spend Christmas paying respects to someone who will never know what they did, just because it was the right thing to do.

Zooey - There's no resemblance

Underused, underused, weird, and underused.

I appreciate the desire to do something unexpected with the character, but did not enjoy what they presented. She was barely in the episode, despite some major hype, and her character was almost completely unappealing. I love her as an actress, and do hope they have her back but, like the interns, hope that the 2nd pass is much improved!

Margaret: You don't strike me as someone's who's flexible about their schedule
Brennan: Well, I took advice from someone who knows more about families than I do.
Margaret: He that raises a large family does stand a broader mark for sorrow, but then, stands a broader mark for pleasure, as well.

That is a true commentary on family, but I don't think that hearing it 10 different ways from 10 different people is going to get through Brennan's walls completely. That's the heart of her relational troubles - not being willing to risk the pleasure, for fear of the pain.

Brennan: There's no resemblance
Booth (sarcastically): You're right, there's no resemblance at all.

Brennan: You have got to stop quoting Benjamin Franklin at me... I have no evidence of this, but I feel that every time you do that it's not actually communication. I feel the same way when people tell jokes.

Brennan: I'd rather hear what you have to say than Benjamin Franklin
Margaret: That's the nicest thing that anyone's ever said to me.

Max - Families always give unwanted advice.

Employee discount? Where does he work now?

He was also underused. It was such a tease to have him in the episode, really! His moments were good, and he pushed Brennan in all the right ways, but it was far to little Max for my tastes.

Daisy & Sweets - Thank you, Ebeneezer

Daisy: I'm not used to having evidence that talks.

Their text-speak love chat was truly sickening, as Cam points out. I did find the first 1/2 of that conversation more tolerably sweet, however, as they make plans for their first Christmas together. Anyone have a moment of remembrance for Hodgela at that point?

Booth scaring the pants of Sweets was a great moment.

Sweets: Was that strictly necessary?

Nope, but it was great. Meh, on Sweets being back behind the glass. He's useful and the reasoning for having him there holds up. I appreciate it when they use him well, but I don't exactly have a bunch of Yipee in me about him being there, for the most part.

Cam: What happened to the "Down with Christmas, let's hump like bunnies" thing?


Her monitor reconstructions may not be as 'magical' as the Angelator, but I like 'em alright.

I really love the season 1 callback with the skull. They each had their own take. Brennan was the obsessively dedicated crusader, out to do her job at all costs. Angela is more at peace and relaxed, and she works with her materials. In some ways this seems like a passing of the baton, as Brennan continues to rely more and more on her associates to complete the scientific work necessary to catch the killer.

Loved the song too!

Angela: You don't think that sometimes we forget those bones out there are people?

That's another old-school callback. I do think they are trying to revisit, in small moments, one of the aspects of the show that endeared many people from the start. We will never go back to Season 1 Bones. Some say they want the whole package, but no one really does. Moments like this are a great way to remind us that this part of these characters has never truly disappeared. We may see more of other aspects, as they do change in their relationships to each other, but the core is still there.

Hodgins - There's more than one kind of family.

Hodgins: These are so going on my Christmas list.

Daisy: It's very difficult to work when someone's looking over your shoulder.
Hodgins: It's more difficult to work when you have nothing to work ON. Snap it up.

I guess recreating a bomb on a table isn't fun enough...

Angela: You didn't actually get permission to recreate the bomb, did you?


I absolutely love her standing up for her new little family.

Cam: You and me - we're the closest thing we have to family. And family spends Christmas together. We're spending Christmas together.

Cam: I know deep down you care. I just hope not too deep down.

Cam: It's my job to prove to you every day that you are loved in this world and if doing that makes you angry, well then that's the price I pay but you will know without a doubt that I cannot just have you flying off and have it absolutely ruin my Christmas... there's no Christmas without you.

Michelle: I love you too


Brennan: He's very hard to resist
Brennan: I have to admit, I find him pleasing to look at.

Some pretty nice, flirty statements...

There are a lot of great comfortable Booth/Brennan moments in this episode - the invite, the family talk, the take-down of the radio guy...

But the indelible moment of moments for this episode is obvious: Evidence!

Angela: Are we doing experiments on Booth because, if so, I'd like to help out.

There were many endearing layers to that scene - the overt comedy of it all, from Cam's appearance, to Angela's comments, and Booth's uncomfortableness held up against Brennan's obliviousness (at least until Cam appeared and shined a light on it all).

Beyond the comedy, Booth's uncomfortableness and reactions actually made it a very intimate scene. Change the lighting and clue Brennan in and it would be a very, very different scene. That was a man who really wasn't thinking about evidence...

Why does something bad have to happen to Booth every Christmas? It's truly 'his' holiday and it's rather sadistic to have it ruined for him every year!

Booth: To family, friends, lovers, family, and food
Brennan: You said family twice. It's repetitious
Booth: It's a good toast though.

Brennan: No prayer, not in my place.... maybe just a moment of silence

I don't think that Booth's eye-crack was anything remotely romantic. I think it was child-like curiosity to see if she closed her eyes during the 'moment of silence.' Did you ever do that as a kid? My brother and I used to get in trouble for peeking to see if the other person was peeking. It was a catch 22 though - call out another peeker, and they know you were peeking too!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Despite criticisms that the show has gotten far too light over the last seasons, I find this by far the most serious of all the Christmas episodes and in that respect, one of the most enjoyable episodes period. The funeral scene, especially, takes us right back to the early episodes where the entire group did go to funerals at times, where the victims truly mattered, where relationships and people took precedence. This wasn't about dares, or spending Christmas locked away with a beautiful woman, or a joyful Santa's workshop. In some ways you might even call it depressing, with the man who died senselessly, alone, leaving a heartbroken mother behind, but in other ways it speaks loudly for hope. The man who spouted anger and hate is redeemed, the Mother who never expected to be thrust into that role fights for her fledgling family, and Brennan reaches out to draw in her 'family' ever closer.
"My religious beliefs tell me that Christ did not die in vain, that He died to redeem us all. And i intend to show that this good, simple man, also did not die in vain. That he redeemed one angry, shouting man. So these are the last words I will ever broadcast, and I hope they are the words you remember best: Peace on Earth. "

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bones Episode Review: 5.09 "The Gamer in the Grease"

Two reviews in two days! There's hope for a catch-up! Sorry if it's a bit on the short side, at least for me.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

As I sit down to re-watch this episode, I remember it as "The Avatar Episode". It will forever be associated with that in my mind. It was interesting to see the different fan reactions. Some knew Joel David Moore had a part in the movie. Some loved the tie-in. Some hated it. For some, learning of his movie ties affected their views, for better or worse.

As a Bones-blogger, even a generally spoiler-free one, there are some pieces of information which are impossible to ignore. That makes me highly prone to going into episodes with pre-conceived notions, as with "The Foot in the Foreclosure", and this was no exception.

I decided to hate the tie in. It wasn't an unreasonable decision. For me, overt corporate tie-ins ruin the escapism of the show. Bones is heavy on them already with Toyota and Mac being the most well-known. I do see the value in tie-ins. Where do you think the 'boom' and computer trick money comes from? It's a necessary evil for a show to stay competitive - you need money to keep butts in the seats.

I can generally put aside the Toyota and the Mac tie-ins and enjoy the show without considering them too much. But, man oh man, how could you ignore this one? If I understood Hart's tweet, they got a very pretty penny for it.

I hope it was worth it. For me, the tie-in nearly makes this a throw away episode for me. Which really, really bothers me. I actually really loved the guys geeking out over the movie, hiding from "mom" and bonding (even though it was over a secondary side plot I think we could have totally done without). I hate to let this glaring movie tie in overshadow the good aspects of the show, but it just kills it for me.

Until I finished the re-watch, that is, and the case and the geeks took precedence.

The case

Oh Holy Mother of God (and I am not Catholic) what a nasty body! I don't often shield my eyes but this one won out over my tolerance.

I do find this case touching and sad. I wanted to cry with the Dad

"My son only ever had one thing, one thing, in his whole life. Dougie can't even speak. Do you understand? He looks at me or my wife, there's no glimmer of recognition. But that machine, it turns on, makes that noise, and he gets this look on his face. Maybe you wouldn't notice it in a regular kid but I know what it is. It's joy."


Fisher: Good fortune, if I thought that good fortune existed.

Fisher: All friendship is fleeting and ends in abandonment, so why not spend a few good hours with you guys until it all falls apart?

Fisher: Saturated fats - they're a killer.

I think they have properly taken down the level of angst emanating from Fisher. But they truly haven't replaced it with anything valuable. Angela is already the 'sex' person. They've already established the irony of his girlfriend, and I don't feel that taking it to this sextreme (couldn't resist, sorry) ads any worth to the character at all.

Fisher: Someone went postal on this postman.

He's far more quippy than depressed now. That I can appreciate.

The beer clean is an interesting mirror to Zack's beetle preference. They pointedly say this is kinder and gentler, and Hodgins agrees. As much as I thought that dropping Zack was OK at the time (and was even criticized for it), the further we get from it, the more I miss him and find myself sensitive to remarks like that. I know TV is a an out-of-sight-out-of-mind genre but that's hard to accept for someone as endearing as Zack. Moments like this are just more nails in the coffin - he's gone, and that's that!

Fisher: Just thankful I'm breathing. Never know when that luxury will end.

Cam: Multitasker? What would be splitting your focus?
Fisher: The head... and the pelvis. Completely separate parts of the body.

Fisher: I can relate to the boundary between this existence and whatever screaming cold hell comes next.

Hodgins - King of the Lab!

Hodgins' participation in the movie side plot is the best aspect of it. I love his lines and that he puts it all in perspective in the end. Interesting maturity from the guy who would chase everything just a couple of years ago - delivery women, Christmas women, etc.

Hodgins: Quality of the experience - much more important than the quantity.

Season 1 Hodgins would have never said that.

Fisher: The Postman who rang twice... never rang again.
Hodgins: Yeah, that totally works... if the husband is a peacock wrangler who fights crickets after work in a creeping red fescue field.
Fisher: You and your particulates always ruining the day for me

Hodgins: Just tell them I'm defle...(yeah yeah)
Fisher: Is that a real thing, or are you just trying to be funny? Because that didn't seem real, at all.

Hodgins: Who wants to know about Peacock poop? OK, not the greatest opening.

Hodgins: Who deserves a little love here? A little love? If that's all, I really gotta go.... King of the Lab!

Sweets - Sexist little twerp

I don't get Sweets feeling upset and competitive with Fisher. I guess they are making the 'any guy can feel that way' point? It just seems horribly out of character for him.

Payne: We're just talkin'
Sweets: Albeit...somewhat suggestively....
Payne: Do you like my tattoos?
Sweets: Very much. I've always enjoyed calligraphy.

And yet, he does it so IN character, if that makes sense. Flirting with this girl he's got her daintily on his lap, arm around her, holding an umbrella over their heads, wearing his suit all buttoned up.

I am glad they didn't have Daisy end the flirtation with relational disaster. The Daisy/Sweets pairing grates on some but I happen to love it. It's sweet, endearing puppy love. As long as we never have to see them go at it again, I am happy with their cuteness.

Hodgins: You don't just pitch a tent... You homestead the land.

Don't you love the irony of Sweets shutting Booth and Brennan down with a phone call for once? Their will still wins in the end, but it's a nice twist of see their needs set aside, if only for a brief moment.

Booth: He'd just be another geek lining up to see a space movie

Sweets ever must defend his Geek. Be proud Sweets - Geek is chic!


I take her "you can't watch movies here" scene as the official death knell of the Angelator. I'm guessing the gleaming new monitor cost a fraction of one Angelator use. I love the Angelator, but I can accept it as long as they keep it at the current level. If they start going all touch screen, move the pictures around, shrink tilt and re-size a la CSI and NCIS:LA it will be too much. The Angelator was cool, and would be hard to replace. But this 'real-tech' vibe of her new setup works for me.

Angela: I am so going to kick his Texan Bad Ass.

I love her discovery of the tattoo!

Angela: I don't want you sweating all over my face.


Cam: No problem going off fried food after this.
Cam: So easy to diet around here

Cam: Oh God, I'm in the middle of something aren't I? ... Oh look, dead guy!... Oh God, in the middle again.

I really don't have much to say about her in this episode. She was into everything, like a good Boss Mom, without taking over anything.


The sports argument. Some people pointed out that they seem to have switched sides on what is a sport. I really don't mind seeming inconsistencies like that. It's almost a throw-away argument, where you just nitpick for no reason. Have you truly never changed your mind, or taken a different point of view, in banter? Is it technically a writing issue? Probably. Does it kill the scene for me? Not at all.

Booth: Colonel's not going to like this one.

Booth: Bones, we're working here
Bones: Not me!

Has Booth become the "I don't want to work cases without her guy?" Not sure I like that. He look sheepish enough to belie the idea that he just thought she would like the uniqueness of the case. Please don't make him too mushy!

Booth: Bones, look at that... bones.

Brennan: Why are you surprised? ... I am good at my job.

Brennan: You need to Google Venn Diagram.

Booth: Bow chicka bow wow
Brennan: What's bow chicka bow wow?
Booth: You know, Boom clicka mow mow
Brennan: Are we going to tell her about the clacka mow bom chicka mow mow boom?

Brennan is instantly interested in the kid. She makes an unusual overture, hoping to make a connection with him. She's a little disconcerted and disappointed when he doesn't return the smile. Did she feel that she was connecting with 'just another kid', as evidenced by her "kids love guns" line? (before she knew he was autistic) Or did his specialness touch her?

She seems unusually weighted against the Dad being the killer, quickly jumping on the lack of an obvious snapped shaft as reason to move on. She looks confused, as Booth puts the clues together. This seems like a problem she can't solve. Booth treats the kid differently. He doesn't try to relate to him which I think adds to the problem for Brennan. The boy is different. She can logically explain why, but socially it's another story.

Angela: Who would notice that?
Brennan: Me. I am extraordinarily observant.

There's a lot of Brennan affirming her intelligence and skill in this episode, but thankfully it is not at Booth's expense this time!

Booth: Someone breaks your kid's heart, your own heart rises up. It gets fierce.

Booth: What's the flaw in my reasoning?
Brennan: Dougie Seeger is autistic. He didn't care. His heart wasn't broken.
Booth: So the Dad loved him twice as much.

This episode was very BB light, until the end, which was OK. I think they definitely made up for it with the mix of adorable and meaningful in that short scene.

Brennan: I believe due to my superior learning curve, I can beat you at this game. Despite your superior strength and your remarkable learning curve.

And she doesn't know how to turn it on, and instantly fails at level 1
Brennan: It just stopped. I didn't lose
Booth: Maybe it's your math.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Brennan: I have realized recently that you use a different number system... I don't understand your system, but I can see that it works.

I really found that a touching line. Brennan has ever fought hard to defend her logical means against Booth. Accepting that logic, reason, and truth don't have to always win out is a big step for her. She's seen the value at times, but she seems to have now given him a free pass to be different, without judgment.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bones Episode Review: 5.08: The Foot in the Foreclosure

Sorry for the delay, and the lack of pictures. Hoping to catch up quickly!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I was very excited to find out that Ralph Waite would be playing Booth's grandfather. If you watch NCIS, you saw him last season appear as Gibb's Dad. I'm too young to have been into the Walton's, but this introduction to the actor gave me a great impression and made me feel that we might have another Conman coming.

Oh, well.

It probably wasn't fair to come in with such expectations, but I will say that I was greatly disappointed to see the different direction they took with his introduction as a major part of Booth's life. As I re-watch this episode to write my review, I will try to keep a more open mind.

Grandfather - Hank - Pops

As I re-watch the episode, what stands out to me, more than anything, is the relationship between the Booth men. i can put aside the jokiness I don't favor, and instead focus on the deeper aspects. I love the little 'ah-ha' moments with Grandpa Booth. You see where the hand bump came from. You see where Booth got his sense of humor. And you see the deep, lasting connection, that goes back to the time when Booth really *was* a shrimp.

Tough guy, former MP - the man who made Booth who he is today, in more ways than one. Simple character inserts that speak volumes about Booth's history. It seems that Booth has emulated his grandfather in many ways. He *is* the tough man. He went into the military. He makes jokes like Hank. He passed on the family hand-bump to Parker. The list goes on and on. Hank rescued him and became the father-figure. The man to be.

Hank: Wow. You weren't kidding.

How much does Booth confide in Hank? He seems right on-point with both Brennan and Sweets!

Hank: You got room on my bicycle for my bag?

Hank: I'm fine Seeley. This cop just pinched me for nothing.

Something about Pops saying "pinched me" just cracked me up. Have you ever known an elderly person who spoke in a way that belied their years? The youthful aspect of his character, silliness aside, is one of my favorite aspects of Hank.

Hank: You ever need any privacy with the doctor, I'll make myself scarce.
Booth: Thanks, but there's nothing going on between us.
Hank: You gay?

Love the Max call-back.

Hank: She's a keeper. You should listen to me. I warned you about Rebecca being a waste of time, didn't I?
Booth: I can take care of my own love life.
Hank: I don't think so.

This little conversation seems to say that Booth and Hank are in frequent contact and that Hank is fairly involved in Booth's life. If he'd just met Rebecca for a one-off I don't think he'd have enough of an impression to say something like that. This episode opens up a large aspect of Booth by showing that he does, in fact, actually talk to people that don't work at The Jeffersonian.

I love greeter-grandfather.

Hank: My shift's not over.

Hank: I like her. She's real. She's got balls.... alright, you got a pair of steel ovaries.

Hank: There's nothing wrong with big women. Your grandma had some jam in her jelly.

Hank: You should go on a game show. You'd clean up.
Booth: I tell her that all the time! But, you know, she's already loaded.
Hank: She's got talent, charm, beauty, money, and you're just friends? I didn't raise you very well.

Hank: This gooey crap isn't easy for me.

The case - This never would have happened if I'd been here

How often does the killer make such a bald-faced truthful statement like that? I really connected with this man and his love for his wife. So many aspects of this episode were light (that real estate agent was a COLD one! - "My therapist says I'm afraid to feel") but the relationship with his dead wife was something indefilable by basic fetish-oriented sex. To him, that was sacred ground, in a bed built and hand-carved in love.

Side-note: I like that Bones doesn't fall into strict stereotypical relationships, a la the inter-racial couple looking at the home. They show a wide gamut of relationships. Race shouldn't matter, and they do a great job de-emphasizing it.

I love Booth schooling Brennan at the end of the intro by proclaiming it spontaneous combustion, a proclamation she can't contradict at this point.

Brennan: That's absurd
Booth: Well then what happened?
Brennan: I have no idea.
Booth: Exactly. Spontaneous combustion.

Club Giggle 'skeeved me out" too, but I love the song "Baby Got Back." I am a child of the 80's!

Booth: You stay close. I don't want you disappearing into one of those women.
Brennan: They seem quite happy. Obviously they haven't seen their blood sugar levels.

Woman: Hey baby. You're not with the celery stick, are you?


Hodgins: Showing a little interest in the personal lives of your co-workers?

He is, but not on the gossipy level they prefer. Clark is nothing if not utterly serious at work, as evidenced by his "Too often we don't appreciate the elderly until they are gone..." speech.

Clark: Yeah, I'm moved. I'm not.

If it weren't for his delivery and chemistry with the others, his bare words and attitude alone would be quite boring. But he always brings such nearly unflappable confidence that you can't help but smile at him and enjoy having him around.

Clark: So what does he call his grandfather? I call mine Gramps.

Clark: She had back. Sorry, don't know where that came from. (not *totally* serious)

Clark: Weird cake sex.


She rocks the tech, and answers a relational question for Brennan (more below). Not a lot new to say.

Hodgins: He kills them, sets the bed on fire, and then leaves with the busts of him and his wife.
Angela: That's so sweet. And it's horrible too. It's mainly horrible.


Hodgins announced to the room... Polyethelene Terephthalate

And he's disappointed, but resigned, when they don't get it. I hate (or maybe I don't) to beat a dead horse, but I miss Zack. Hodgins really, really needs someone to geek out with! He's just not appreciated. My husband and I were recently talking about how Hodgins is such an on or off character. Without Zack there, it is hard for him to be as rich of a background character. He either has to have a major story arc or he's just 'there'. He doesn't have as many great lines that make him a worthwhile character in an episode even when he's not had any character focus in months. Underused is an understatement! I want Hodgins to be the quirky, fun, always-there guy he used to be. He has his moments now, but he just doesn't feel like the homey-blanket-with-the-funky-colors-that-keeps-you-warm-but-you-don't-know-where-it-came-from anymore.


Grandpa's jokes - he gets no respect!

Feeder-Eater fetish... gives him a useful part in the case. Nice and subdued. He has a good level of involvement in this episode.

Sweets: How's it going with your grandfather?

He wants to be useful in all respects, as well as be a part of their lives in any way he can. The jokes may be unending, but they never real dampen his enthusiasm for all things Booth and Brennan (and Hodgins, and Angela, and so on...) Unannounced office visits are the only thing that gets a real rise out of him.

Sweets: Bring it on old man.


Some sheep herding, some funny looks with Hodgins over Clark... nothing much to say here!

With exception of her conversation with Clark. It only takes Cam a moment to really get to the heart of things with her team members.

Cam: Oh. And. I have to say... I was pleasantly surprised yesterday that you felt relaxed enough to talk about your grandfather.
Clark: I'm human you know. I just believe in working at work.
Cam: Oh, I realize that...
Clark: I love my grandfather very much. I really should have the discipline to keep it to myself.
Cam: Of course. And carry on.
Clark: He never got to see what I became. What I do... it's for him.
Cam: I'm sure he'd be very proud.

I'm surprised she didn't push him a little more about how it was OK, even good, for him to open up.

Booth and Brennan

Booth: If I tell you, you're just going to read into it and all sorts of stuff
Brennan: I won't

That's an intimate admission from a woman who has loved to pick apart Booth's life for years. She's being very supportive of him, and not quoting anything about age and anthropology or any way waiting to pounce. From Conman on I think she has truly understood the importance of family to Booth, and, though she still likes great big solid walls between herself and hers, I don't think she needed to hear again how much Booth values his.

Booth: He's family, Bones. Nothing trumps family. Just remember that.

Just like with Jared, Booth will put aside his own desires and needs to take care of Hank. Add Parker, and Brennan, to that list as well. Booth is a martyr for self-sacrifice for loved ones. Has he really thought through if he can handle Hank, no. Would he 'think it through'? No. Because it simply doesn't matter to him. Whatever it takes, he'll figure it out. He owes everything to Hank.

Booth: He took care of me when I was sick. I can take care of him.

Brennan and Sweets both attempt to give Booth pause about taking care of Hank, but none of it matters.

The only thing that gets past his loyalty is Pop's safety. The fire brings it all into perspective. But it takes Brennan to help him define the problem. Taking a leave of absence and hurting himself financially is not logical, but it's also not the right decision. She sees it before he does and understands the full implications - Pops can't stay.

Hank: Now I don't want you to think I don't love you (just as Booth thought Pops would think Booth didn't love him...), but I gotta go back to the place. They need me. Ronald called. He's got no one to fish with. And Margaret needs my help with the crochet (that's what we call sex). And, face it, your appliances stink.
Booth: What about the orderlies?
Hank: Don't worry about them. They are used to being hit by me.

Sweets: Shrimp?
Brennan: I imagine Booth was shorter as a child.

Brennan: His Grandfather calls him shrimp. Booth seems to like it, which I don't understand.
Angela: It makes him feel loved. Like when he actually was a shrimp.

Brennan first hated, then accepted, and now enjoys being "Bones". Will it take on a new meaning for her now? Or has it had such a meaning for a long time, even if she didn't consciously recognize it that way?

Hank: Will you lighten up?
Brennan: He's quite skittish when the subject of sex comes up.
Booth: No, I'm not. (Unless it's with Brennan. So, they're both right.)

Hank: When I saw my son, beating Seeley, hitting that little kid... I said Get Out. You don't deserve to be a father. Get out. He never came back. So, I was left with the 2 boys.
Brennan: You are a good man, Hank.
Hank: I didn't know what else to do. he was beating my grandson. Look, when the time is right, you'll tell him. And, if he needs it, you'll hold him? OK?
Brennan: OK.

THAT was the Conman-like moment I wanted. It's OK that it wasn't between Booth and Brennan. Someday, it will be. I doubt we'll see it, but have no doubt that between these two characters it will occur. Brennan keeps her promises, especially where he is concerned.

Brennan bonds with him quickly. Buying him a pillbox is logical for Brennan, but very thoughtful, from another perspective. I think she genuinely likes Hank, but the insights he provides into Booth are undeniably a major aspect of the bonding.

Booth: I thought you didn't like to go by your gut?
Brennan: I was just trying it out. It's not satisfying.

Brennan: He says "Shut up and don't be late"

The look on Booth's face is a mixture of bemusement, confusion, and even happiness that Brennan and Pops are talking to each other so comfortably and directly. Pops approves of this one, in every respect.

Brennan: He said he's going to teach me how to kick your ass.
Booth: That'll be the day.

Hank: Maybe you and your friend can give me a ride?

Brennan: I'll miss you Hank.
Hank: Of course you will. Shrimp, can you give us a minute?

Hank: You remember what I told you.
Brennan: I will
Hank: He's big and strong, but he's going to need some one. Everyone needs someone. Don't be scared
Brennan: Scared, what, I'm not scared of anything
Hank: It all goes by so fast. You don't want any regrets
Brennan: I don't understand
Hank: Yes, you do.

Hank (to Booth): Now, listen, it's all in there (the heart). Everything you need to know. You just do what it tells you.

They both lie to each other, just as they do about their feelings. I normally tire of everyone beating Booth and Brennan over the head with each other, but the ending of this episode was perfectly done.

Booth: I like that thing around your neck.

Flirting! I like flirting! Such a cute way to move them forward an inch.

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