Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ausiello: 2 Bits

Ausiello talks about a spoiler/question and a general question about Brennan. You can visit the page to see the spoiler, but here's the other for you non-spoiler people (sorta spoiler but more about what you won't see anytime soon:

Question: What happened to Brennan’s maternal instincts on Bones? —Ed
She’s still got ‘em! “You can’t un-ring a bell,” says e.p. Stephen Nathan. “That’s something she will always come back to. It won’t be a major focus for the rest of this season, but it’s something that we will revisit.”
PS. I fixed the recent comments on the left sidebar.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your fix! I love this blog but stopped visiting very often because it was literally taking 15 seconds to load. I was about to draft you an email about it when voila! it was back to loading quickly. Thanks for you do for this blog!

Anonymous said...

hear hear. when i go online, i check

1. my email
2.my other mail (facebook, job stuff...)
3. this blog
4.everything else

Wendy said...

Interesting... maybe it was the comments script doing it? Please tell me any time you start having issues like that. I may not know why right away, but at least I can look at things!

Glad to have you all! :)

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